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Chronic offender a free man after attacks on young boys near Penticton

Judge sentenced Brian Lamb to time served in jail

Bryan Lamb is a free man.

On June 28, in Penticton provincial court, Judge Michelle Daneliuk sentenced him to time served for the random attacks on two young boys in Kaleden’s Pioneer Park last August.

He was also sentenced to time served (45 days jail) for stealing a vehicle in Keremeos last year.

“Mr. Lamb, I can’t emphasize enough, you must stay out of custody. You have to change your life. You said yourself, you had a good upbringing with two loving parents. Take those skills you learned as a child and apply them now and please become a productive member of society,” said Judge Daneliuk.

In August 2020, Lamb walked up to a group of young kids at Pioneer Park in Kaleden, grabbing one 10-year-old boy by the neck and slapping him and also grabbing a four-year-old.

He was found guilty of those assaults last fall.

Judge Daneliuk sentenced him to 345 days in jail for the assault on the 10-year-old and 120 days for the assault on the four-year-old. Time served in jail since September 2020 is considered time and a half so Lamb is being released from jail today, June 28.

The judge waived a victim surcharge, given that Lamb would not have any financial means to pay. It wasn’t told in court where Mr. Lamb will live.

However, his mother’s home is right beside Pioneer Park where the assaults occurred. In fact, Lamb was at his mother’s house last August before the assaults occurred.

Lamb was sentenced to 12 months probation where he is not allowed in Pioneer Park. Crown mentioned that will be difficult because of his mother’s house and its proximity to the park.

But Daneliuk responded that if Lamb is visiting his mother, he can not look over or gesture towards the park.

He is to keep the peace and not have any contact with his victims. He also has a weapons ban.

The judge didn’t impose any drug treatment or counselling upon his release today.

Lamb did say through the courts that he wants to apologize to the kids he hurt and to the community.

“He doesn’t want people to fear him,” said Judge Daneliuk.

Lamb has a criminal history that spans 20 years. In his sentencing hearing on Friday, it was learned that he became addicted to drugs at a young age and has continued his addiction.

He has lost all his teeth because of his ‘chronic drug use,’ said the judge.

In his psychological assessment report, Lamb denied having addiction issues and blamed his anger, crimes and inability to work on a head injury. But medical documents indicate and the judge agreed that there is no evidence of a head injury or that it has played into his long history of crime.

He also reported that he does struggle with mental health and sometimes hears voices in his head.

“You have been sentenced to probation nine times in the courts’ efforts in rehabilitation. Clearly, it has had no impact on your cycle of re-offending,” said Daneliuk on Monday.

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