Bail denied after guns found

A man was denied bail after multiple guns were allegedly found in his vehicle by police in Summerland.

A man was denied bail after multiple guns were allegedly found in his vehicle by police in Summerland.

Richard Arthur Crawford, 34, is charged with careless use or storage of a firearm, possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possessing a firearm without license or registration, occupying a vehicle knowing a firearm is present, mischief, uttering threats and two counts of breaching a recognizance.

On Jan. 16 at around 10 a.m. Penticton RCMP received an anonymous weapons complaint. Crown alleged that the anonymous caller said Crawford had a handgun, bulletproof vest and was threatening to kill someone. Penticton and Summerland RCMP members talked to a former girlfriend of Crawford’s, Dierdie Simms, who could not confirm that he had a weapon, but identified the vehicle he was driving.

Police located the vehicle and arrested Crawford, searching the vehicle police were unable to locate a firearm, however, Crown said members located a kevlar vest which Crawford told police was for bull riding. Crawford was eventually released.

Later that day, around 9:45 p.m., Crown said police received a report that Crawford was at Simms residence attempting to kick the door in.

“Simms was not aware if he had any firearms, but was informed by the neighbours that said Crawford was going door to door asking about (a man) and saying that he was going to shoot him,” Crown counsel Kevin Fotty said during Crawford’s bail hearing Jan. 18 in Penticton.

Police stopped Crawford’s suspected vehicle near 10 p.m. in front of Giant’s Head School. Crown alleged police noticed a silver handgun with a black handle partially buried in the snow of the box of Crawford’s pick-up truck. Crawford was placed under arrest without incident and a pair of latex gloves were found in the front pocket of his hoodie.

The 9-mm handgun was observed to be cocked with a magazine seeded.

A further search yielded a black hoodie with a second handgun with a seeded magazine loaded with rounds. Three cell phones and an unknown amount of cash was found in the truck as well.

“Without prompting, Crawford asked ‘how much does a guy do for firearms now?’” Fotty said. “Crawford admitted to being on other criminal charges without being asked and said they were conspiracy to traffic and organized crime.”

Crown alleged that while being transported Crawford became violent and kicked the passenger door in the back of the police cruiser.

“Crawford also stated ‘I don’t even give a [expletive] about jail. It’s that (woman) selling all my (stuff)’,” Fotty said.

Further search of the pick-up truck yielded a ski-mask, latex gloves and 9-mm pistol ammo.

Defence counsel for Crawford, Lisa Scruton, argued for his release on a minimum $5,000 to a maximum of $15,000 surety and that Crawford would reside with his father with a curfew.

Judge Meg Shaw denied Crawford’s bail. Crawford returns to court Feb. 10.