Planning a camp Chris Allen

Planning a camp Chris Allen

Agur Lake camp test seen for July

First campers may test Agur Lake facility in July of 2012

Chris Allen, site planner for Agur Lake Camp Society, met with the camp board to outline potential developments for the coming year.

Using a map of the site he indicated the areas that could be used for a playground, recreational vehicle campsite and the initial stage for trails and boardwalks.

“We’ve had a very productive year installing buildings and infrastructure at camp,” said Barb Hatton, chair of the camp board.

“A special thanks to Okanagan College staff and students of the Residential Construction Program for their involvement in the build of our first two modular cabins.

“In addition to the cabins new roads, fencing, two wells, septic service and power generator are in place.”

“All this has been possible through government grants, donations of money, services and materials by many individuals and businesses.”

Hatton said crews will finish the work on the cabins and will begin working on the system of trails as soon as the weather will allow.

“If all goes according to plan we hope to invite our first campers to test run the new facility by July of 2012,” she said.

The purpose of the camp is to provide a wilderness camp experience for families who have a member with a disability.

The camp society is continuing to raise money for more cabins and trails.

Hatton said the need for volunteers will increase as the camp grows.

A pressing need is a small office which can be used by the society manager, the only employee of the society.

At present she works from her home.

The board would like to find office space in Summerland or Penticton that is large enough for one or two people to work in comfortably and which is wheelchair accessible.

Those with questions about Agur Lake Camp, or wanting to volunteer their help, can phone 1-250-809-7130 or check the camp website