Athletes earn medals at 55+ Games

Participants from around B.C. competed in games in Vernon

Athletes from Summerland brought home medals at the 55+ B.C. Games in Vernon.

The games were held last week and drew athletes from around the province.

In swimming, Robert King of Summerland brought home six gold medals in men’s 90 and older categories in swimming.

King was also part of the men and women 300 plus 50-metre freestyle relay team, which placed fourth overall.

Fred Guddeit earned a gold in the men’s 70 to 74 badminton singles recreational category.

Guddeit and Uwe Kroll of West Kelowna also took gold in the men’s 70 to 74 badminton doubles recreational category.

Joyce Naugler earned two silver medals for women’s 55 and older five-pin bowling.

Vijai Vaagen brought home gold in the women’s 65 to 69 Div. A golf category.

Donna Eaton, Donna Evans and Teresa Boyer of Summerland were on the Southern Swoop team in women’s 55 and older competitive slow pitch, winning gold.

Sue LaBossier was on the Kelowna Fifty-Five team in women’s 55 and older recreational slow pitch. The team finished fourth.

In hockey, Bernie Reed of Summerland played on the Glacier Kings men’s 65 and older team from Zone 6. The team earned a fifth-place finish.

Charley Mayer and the Okanagan 60s team finished fourth in men’s 60 and older soccer.

In the men’s 65 and older soccer category, Harry Higson and the Okanagan Oldtimers took gold.

In dragon boat racing, Linda Ward and the Penticton Golden-Dragons finished gold in the women’s 55 and older category.

Marilyn Tamblyn of Summerland and Susan Hatfield of Penticton took gold in women’s 3.5 pickleball doubles.

Tamblyn and Ann Collier of Vernon placed seventh in women’s 3.5 pickleball toubles.

Mark Tamblyn of Summerland and Marty Lewis of Penticton finished sixth in men’s 3.75 pickleball doubles.