Valdy, Fjellgaard bring diverse range of sounds

Valdy Gary Fjellgaard Summerland concert Centre Stage music George Ryga Week

When Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard perform as the Contenders in Summerland next month for the George Ryga Week concert at Centre Stage, they will bring their unique blend of diverse sounds.

The concert marks the 11th year the two have performed together for George Ryga Week.

The two veteran musicians have played together and separately in the past and have blended their sounds.

“I do some rap songs and Gary does some yodeling, but most of the time, we’re on the same page,” Valdy said.

While the concert will bring a folk and country sound, the lyrics cover themes including religion, diversity, tolerance and the treatment of others.

One of the songs is about Ginger Goodman, a labour activist who was killed on Vancouver Island in the early 20th century.

“We’re not just performing soft, milquetoast music,” Valdy said. “There’s also some pithy stuff.”

At present, Valdy, whose musical career dates back to the 1960s, is putting the finishing touches on a new album which will be released some time in November.

The music includes everything from acoustic sounds to a full woodwinds band.

“It’s quite a broad bunch of styles,” he said.

The tour begins Oct. 28 and concludes with the Summerland concert on Nov. 5.