Alison Hara looks on with disbelief at the huge pumpkin and squash on display at the Summerland Fall Fair.

Summerland Fall Fair results

Summerlanders exhibited their work and produce in the Summerland Fall Fair.

The following are the results from the Summerland Fall Fair.


A Fruit

A Apples

AA1 McIntosh: First Tom Kinvig, second Wim Boerboom, third Denise MacDonald.

AA2 Spartan: First Tom Kinvig, second Denise MacDonald, third Wim Boerboom.

AA3 Sunrise: First Tom Kinvig.

AA4 Golden Delicious: First Tom Kinvig, second Lorraine Bennest, third Wim Boerboom.

AA5 Gala: First Wim Boerboom, second Lorraine Bennest, third Tom Kinvig.

AA6 Jonagold: First Denise MacDonald.

AA7 Fuji: First Wim Boerboom.

AA8 Granny Smith: First Tom Kinvig, second Wim Boerboom.

AA9 Ambrosia: First Erin Carlson, second Tom Kinvig, third Denise MacDonald.

AA10 Other: First Tom Kinvig, second Denise MacDonald, third Denise MacDonald.

AA12 Best plate of apples: First Tom Kinvig.

B Pears

AB1 Bartlett: First Lorraine Bennest.

AB2 Bosch: First Lorraine Bennest.

AB4 Other: First Lorraine Bennest, second Wim Boerboom.

AB5 Best plate of pears: First Lorraine Bennest.

C Peaches

AC3 Other: First Tom Kinvig.

D Other

AD1 Prunes: First Ruth Zella.

AD3 Grapes, table: First Lorraine MacTavish, second Lynne Owens, third Betty Barnes.

AD4 Grapes, wine, red: First OCP Winery, second Katarina Stohler, third Theo Siemens.

AD5 Grapes, wine, white: First Alvise Varisco, second Natasha Stohler, third Toby Stohler.

AD6 Okanagan fruit bowl display: First Wim Boerboom.

AD7 Walnuts: First David Phillips, second Tom Kinvig, third Betty Barnes.

AD8 Filberts: First Curtis Aguirre.

AD9 Biggest apple: First Devin Jell, second Denise MacDonald, third Wim Boerboom.

AD10 Fruit oddities: First Wim Boerboom, second Wim Boerboom.

AD11 Berries: First George Pugh, second Ruth Zella, third Phillys Zella

B Vegetables

A Above Ground

BA1 Beans, bush: First Linda MacIntosh, second Rose Varisco, third Bill Flannigan.

BA3 Corn, sweet: First Bill Austin.

BA4 Eggplant: First Jane Martens, second Rose Varisco.

BA5 Peppers, Hungarian, sweet: First Jane Martens, second Phillis Zella.

BA6 Peppers, sweet green bell: First David Williams, second Janet Sheena Lacy, third Ruth Zella.

BA7 Peppers, bell, sweet, any colour: First Ruth Zella.

BA8 Peppers, hot: First Tom Burley, second Ruth Zella, third Alex MacKay.

BA9 Tomatoes, any colour but red: First Jane Coady, second Ruth Zella, third Alex MacKay.

BA11 Tomatoes, medium: First David Williams, second Alex MacKay.

BA12 Tomatoes, cherry: First Tom Burley, second Jane Coady, third Alex MacKay.

BA13 Tomatoes, Roma: First Tom Burley, second Janet Sheena Lacy, third Alex MacKay.

BA14 Tomato, biggest in show: First David Williams.

BA15 Tomato, heritage: First Ruth Zella.

BA16 Vegetable collection, 8 kinds: First Alex MacKay.

BA17 Vegetable collection, five kinds: First Keri Whelander.

B Root

BB2 Beets, other: First Ruth Zella, second Phillis Zella.

BB3 Carrots, 4 to 7 inches: First Ateret Buchman, second Alex MacKay.

BB6 Garlic: First George Moundroukas, second Bill Austin.

BB7 Onions, yellow globe: Second Bill Flannigan.

BB8 Onions, sweet Spanish: First David Williams.

BB9 Potatoes, white: First Alex MacKay.

BB10 Potatoes, red: First Jan Carlson.

BB11 Potatoes, other: First Alex MacKay.

C Melons

BC1 Cantaloupe, Muskemelons: First Rose Varisco.

BC2 Honeydew Melon: First David Phillips.

D Squash

BD2 Cucumbers, slicing: First David Phillips, second Bill Austin.

BD3 Cucumbers, green, long: First Rose Varisco.

BD6 Pumpkin, tableL First Robin DeYoung.

BD8 Pumpkin, biggest in show: First Scott Hutchison.

BD11 Squash, butternut: First Roxanne Woldenga.

BD12 Squash, vegetable spaghetti: First Karan Bowyer.

BD13 Squash, Zucchini: First Rose Varisco.

BD14 Squash, biggest: First David Williams.

BD15 Zucchini, biggest: First Robyn DeYoung.

E Miscellaneous

BE1 Herbs, dried: First Ruth Zella, second Alex MacKa, third Phillis Zella.

BE2 Herbs, fresh: First Jane Coady, second Ateret Buchman, third Erin Carlson.

BE4 Sunflowers: First Erin Carlson, second Alex MacKay.

BE6 Vegetable oddity: First Theo Siemens, second Jane Coady.

BE8 Vegetable novelty: First Scott Hutchison.

BE9 Sunflower, largest: First Theo Norrish, second Ruth Manoff, third Janet Sheena Lacy.

BE10 Sunflower, tallest: First Hassin Ooda Gibbs, second Marie Bowyer, third Bill Flannigan.

BE11 Other: First Rose Varisco, second Linda McIntosh, third Mary Benoit.

C Dairy, Eggs, Honey

A Eggs

CA1 Eggs, brown: First Janet Lacy.

B Honey

CB2 Honey, extracted: First Denise MacDonald.

CT4 Trophy: Denise MacDonald.

D Wine, Beer, Cider

A Homemade Wine

DA1 Grape, red, dry: First Alvise Varisco, second William Chidlow.

DA2 Grape, red, sweet: First Riny Prochnau, second Cindy Friberg.

DA3 Grape, white, dry: First Alvise Varisco, second William Chidlow.

DA4 Grape, white, sweet: First Riny Prochnau.

DA5 Fruit or berry, dry: First Alvise Varisco, second William Chidlow.

DA6 Fruit or berry, sweet: First William Chidlow.

B Wine Kits

DB1 Red, dry: First Bill Austin, second William Chidlow.

DB2 Red, sweet: First William Chidlow.

DB3 White, dry: Second William Chidlow.

DB4 White, sweet: First William Chidlow.

C Beer and Cider

DC1 Beer, kit: First Greg DeGagne.

DC3 Cider: First Kelsey Wiens, second Alex MacKay, third David Wiens.

DT5 Trophy: William Chidlow.

DT6 Trophy: Alvise Varisco.

E Decorated Table

EA1 Special display: First Catey Lewis.

ET7 Trophy: Catey Lewis.

F Flowers

A Flowers

FA2 Asters, 4 colours: First Linda McIntosh.

FA3 Asters, any colour: First Linda McIntosh, second Phillis Zella.

FA5 Begonias: First Dianne Roberge.

FA8 Chrysanthemums, outdoor grown: First Ruth Zella.

FA9 Chrysanthemums, not disbudded: First Linda McIntosh.

FA10 Dahlias, five named varieties: First Linda McIntosh.

FA12: Dahlias, cactus, 3 containers: First Linda McIntosh, second Ruth Zella, third Phillis Zella.

FA13 Dahlias, cactus, 1 bloom: First Robin McHale, second Linda McIntosh.

FA14 Dahlias, 1 bloom, disbudded: First Karan Bowyer, second Linda McIntosh, third Bill Flannigan.

FA18: Geranium, 3 stems: First Joanna Burgart, second Ruth Zella, third Phillis Zella.

FA21 Gladioli, one spike: First Linda McIntosh.

FA22 Marigold, dwarf: First Linda McIntosh, second Heather Pescada, third Phillis Zella.

FA24 Nasturtiums: First Alex MacKay, second Ruth Zella, third Phillis Zella.

FA25 Petunias, double: First Phillis Zella.

FA27 Petunias, large single: First Joanna Burgart.

FA28 Petunias, single: First Linda McIntosh, second Alex MacKay, third Phillis Zella.

FA30 Roses, one bloom, disbudded: First Steve Haaf, second Dianne Roberge, third Joanna Burgart.

FA32 Roses, floribunda or grandiflora: First Heather Pecada.

FA33 Rudbeckia: First Linda McIntosh, second Heather Pescada.

FA34 Snapdragons: First Heather Pescada.

FA36 Zinnias: First Zoe Morris.

B Arrangements.

FB1 Arranged bowl, not over 10 inches: First Jane Coady, second  Heather Pescada, third Robin McHale.

FB2 Decorative bowl over 10 inches: First Heather Pescada, second Jane Coady, third Marybeth Rutherford.

FB3 Shades of Same Colour: First Linda McIntosh, second Alex MacKay, third Jane Coady.

FB4 Mixed cut flower arrangement: First Alex MacKay.

FB5 Dried grasses arrangement: First Heather Pescada, second Annemarie Ruckel.

FB6 Miniature flower arrangement: First Robyn DeYoung, second Lisa Scott, third Heather Pescada.

FB7 Fresh cut perennials: First Heather Pescada, second Joanna Burgart.

FB9 Bloomin’ green: First Linda McIntosh, second Heather Pescada, third Dianne Roberge.

FB10 Bloomin’ music: First Robin McHale, second Linda McIntosh.

FB11 Edible plant container: First Jane Coady.

FC1 Potted African violet: First Linda McIntosh.

FC2 Potted foliage houseplant: First Diane Henderson, second Catey Lewis.

FC3 Potted flowering houseplant: First Linda McIntosh, second Emily Unger.

FC4 Potted cactus: First Alex MacKay, second Lynne Owens.

FC5 Deck or patio pot or urn: First Catey Lewis.

G Handicrafts and Hobbies

B Painting

GB2 Folk art novelty: First Annmarie Ruckel.

GB3 Painting, portrait: First Donna Crompton, second Christina Tonge.

GB4 Painting, still life: First Christina Tonge, second Sarah Kirschmann, third Lois Hunt.

GB5 Painting, local scene: First Christina Tonge, second Lois Hunt, third Sarah Kirschmann.

GB6 Painting, other scene: First Christina Tonge, second Sarah Kirschmann, third Catey Lewis.

GB7 Tole painting: First Annmarie Ruckel.

GB8 Caustic painting: First Patricia Phillips.

C Toys

GC3 Toy, stuffed, other than doll: First Karan Bowyer.

D Other

GD1 Bead craft: First Catey Lewis, second Sarah Smedley.

GD2 Drawing, any media: First Sawako Higuchi, second Sarah Kirschmann.

GD4 Bird house: First Frank Tonge.

GD6 Fibre rug: First Christina Tonge.

GD9 Flower craft: First Rose Varisco.

GD11 Ornaments: First Dianne Roberge, second Rose Varisco.

GD13: Scrapbooking: First Michelle Miller, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Patricia Phillips.

GD15 Woodwork or wood carving: First Annmarie Ruckel.

GD16 Woodwork, scroll saw: First Annmarie Ruckel.

GD17: Miscellaneous crafts: First Joanne Rak, second Annemarie Ruckel, third Donna Crompton.

H Handwork

HC6 Stitchery: First Marianne Strub, second Betty Barnes.

D Miscellaneous

HD1 Any article, senior 80 or older: First Trudy Lidster, second Sarah Smedley, third Betty Barnes.

HD3 Miscellaneous handwork: First Opal Kenze, second Barbara Sayles, third Alicja Jelen.

HQ Quilting

HQ11 Quilted articles, runners, placemats: First Brandy Maslowski, second Karen Jeffery.

HQ12 Quilted articles, pot holders, pillows: First Sherrie Wylie.

HQ13 Quilting, machine embroidery: First Karen Jeffrey.

HQ14 Created quilted clothing: Second Wanda Rogers.

HQ15 Art quilts: First Barbara Gillespie, second Marianne Strub, third Joy Dye.

I Baking, Canning, Preserves

A Pies

IA1 Apricot pie: First Ruth Zella, second Phillis Zella.

IA2 Cherry pie: First Phillis Zella, second Ruth Zella.

IA3 Peach pie: First Phillis Zella, second Ruth Zella, third Christina Haddrell.

IA4 Mixed fruit or berry pie: First Roxane Woldenga, second Phillis Zella, third Ruth Zella.

B Bread

IB1 Brown from scratch: First Ateret Buchman, second Joanne Burgart, third Linnea Good.

IB2 Brown, from machine: First Chantelle Meriam.

IB3 White, from scratch: First Sandra Chalmers, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Lynne Owens.

IB5 Rolls: First Lorraine MacTavish,

C Muffins

IC2 Jelly roll: First Lorraine MacTavish.

IC3 Family favourite cookies: First Lorraine MacTavish, second Phillis Zella, third Ruth Zella.

IC4 Favourite loaf recipe: First Summerland Seniors Village, second Ruth Zella, third Melissa Keys.

IC5 Holiday cookies: First Lorraine MacTavish, second Ruth Zella, third Phillis Zella.

IC6 Baking powder biscuits: First Lorraine MacTavish.

IC7 Muffins, Okanagan fruit: First Phillis Zella, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Jane Neigel.

IC8 Favourite slice: First Joanne Burgart, second David Jonsson, third Lorraine MacTavish.

D Contests

ID1 Best apple pie: First Phillis Zella, second Ruth Zella, third Girl Guides.

ID2 Healthy muffin, Rogers flour: First Ruth Zella, second Robyn DeYoung, third Phillis Zella.

ID3 Pumpkin pie, Blossom Fruit Stand: First Joanne Burgart, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Summerland Seniors’ Village.

ID4 Family favourite cake: First Phillis Zella, second Summerland Seniors’ Village, third Lorraine MacTavish.

ID5 Health loaf/whole grain from scratch: First Ateret Buchman.

E Jams

IE1 Peach jam: First Lorraine MacTavish, second Janet Sheena Lacy, third David Wiens.

IE2 Apricot jam: First Lorraine MacTavish, second David Wiens, third Ruth Zella.

IE3 Cherry Jam: First Lorraine MacTavish, second Ruth Zella.

IE4 Strawberry jam: First Roxane Woldenga, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Ruth Zella.

IE5 Raspberry jam: First Jane Martens, second Lorraine MacTavish, third David Wiens.

IE6 Plum jam: First David Wiens, second Betty Barnes, third Lorraine MacTavish.

IE7 Any other jam: First Roxane Woldenga, second Zoe Morris, third Phillis Zella.

IE8 Marmalade: First Susan Rogers, second Patricia Phillips.

IE9 Jelly, light: First Ruth Zella.

IE10 Jelly, dark: First Zoe Morris, second Ruth Zella, third Lorraine MacTavish.

IE11 Jelly, other: First George Pugh.

IE12 Fruit butter: First Patricia Phillips.

IE13: Canadian wine to jelly: First Ruth Zella, second Zoe Morris, third Lorraine MacTavish.

F Pickles

IF1 Bread and butter: First Catey Lewis, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Ruth Zella.

IF2 Dill, matured: First Lorraine MacTavish, second Alex MacKay, third Ruth Zella.

IF3 Relish: First Karan Bowyer, second Rimy Prochnau, third Joanne Burgart.

IF5 Sweet: Second Lorraine MacTavish.

IF6 Asparagus: First Catey Lewis.

IF7 Beets: First Betty Barnes, second Mary Trainer, third Phillis Zella.

IF8 Mustard: Second Ruth Zella.

IF9 Salsa, tomato: First Charlotte Lewis, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Ruth Zella.

IF10 Salsa, fruit: First Alex MacKay, second Charlotte Lewis.

IF11 Herb vinegar: First Lorraine MacTavish, second Linda McIntosh.

IF12 Chutney: First Patricia Phillips, second Sylvia Mott, third Ruth Zella.

IF13 Other: First Lorraine MacTavish, second Alex MacKay.

G Syrup

IG1 Favourite fruit syrup: First Karan Bowyer, second Patricia Phillips, third Ruth Zella.

H Canning

IH1 Cherries: First Phillis Zella, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Ruth Zella.

IH2 Apricots: First Lorraine MacTavish.

IH3 Peaches: First Betty Barnes, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Jane Martens.

IH4 Pears: First Patricia Phillips, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Jane Martens.

IH5 Prunes or plums: First Ruth Zella, second Phillis Zella, third Lorraine MacTavish.

IH6 Fruit, other: First Ruth Zella, second Alex MacKay.

IH7 Applesauce: First Lorraine MacTavish.

IH9 Pie filling: First Ruth Zella, second Phillis Zella.

IH10 Tomatoes: First Janet Sheena Lacy, second Patricia Phillips, third Phillis Zella.

IH11 Tomato sauce: First Karan Bowyer, secon Lorraine MacTavish, third Ruth Zella.

IH12 Other: Ateret Buchman.

I Drying:

II2 Dried cherries: First Kelsey Wiens.

II4 Dried prunes: First Annemarie Ruckel.

II7 Tomato leather: First Ateret Buchman.

II9 Dried vegetable: Jeff Colquhoun.

J Photography

JA1 Snapshot: First Lisa Scott, second Linda Galpin, third John Kirschmann.

JA2 Kids and/or pets: First Lorraine MacTavish, second Marie MacKenzie, third Linda Galpin.

JA3 Babies under two years: First Marie MacKenzie, second Taryn Smith, third Lisa Scott.

JA4: Nature’s Wonders: First Diane Henderson, second Marie MacKenzie, third Robyn DeYoung.

JA5 Four colour prints: First Robyn DeYoung, second Cherish Anderson, third Lisa Scott.

JA6 Portrait: First Lisa Scott, second Joanne Rak, third Keri Wehlander.

JA7 Digital manipulation: First Lisa Scott, second Elden Ulrich, third Robyn DeYoung.

JA8 Miscellaneous: First Robyn DeYoung, second Lorraine MacTavish, third Linda Galpin.

JA9 Agricultural images: First Robyn DeYoung, second Lisa Scott, third Elden Ulrich.

JA10 Things change — then and now: First Lisa Scott, second Scott Anderson.

K Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Livestock

KB1 Chickens: First John Kirschmann.

M Recycled, Repurposed

MA1 Under 15 recycled craft: First Catherine Robinson, second Natasha Stohler, third Jessy Pugh.

MB1 Under 15 repurposed item: Third Brooke Jenner.

MB2 Adult repurposed item: First Michelle Miller, second Opal Kenzle, third Sarah Smedley.


N Fruits

A Apples

NA2 Spartan: First Gunnar Martens, second Ursula Chalmers.

NA3 Red Delicious: First Ian Robinson, second Catherine Robinson.

NA5 Gala: First Gunnar Martens, second Emily Jell.

NA7 Apples, other: First Gunnar Martens, second Rylan Gamble.

B Pears

NB1 Bartlett: First Catherine Robinson, second Ian Robinson, third Katie Jell.

C Competitions

NC3 Humour oddities: First Toby Stohler, second Duncan Robinson, third Catherine Robinson.

O Vegetables

A Gardens

OA1 Best garden: First Katrina Kirshmann, second Jacqueline Mansiere, third Brooke Jenner.

OA2 Beets: First Jacqueline Mansiere, second Darion Pescada, third Larissa Mahyr.

OA3 Carrots: First Darion Pescada, second Brooke Jenner, third Larissa Mahyr.

OA4 Potatoes: First Mary Benoit, second Darion Pescada, third Brooke Jenner.

OA5 Beans: First Darion Pescada, second Brooke Jenner.

OA6 Vegetable oddity: First Jacqueline Mansiere, second Brooke Jenner.

OA7 Plate of vegetables: First Darion Pescada, second Brooke Jenner, third Mary Benoit.

B Grade 5 and under

OB1 Beets: First Julia Mansiere, second Matthew Lowery, third Toby Stohler.

OB2 Carrots: First Matthew Lowery.

OB3 Potatoes: First Matthew Lowery.

OB4 Squash or pumpkin: First Natasha Stohler, second Matthew Lowery, third Toby Stohler.

OB5 Tomatoes: First Toby Stohler, second Natasha Stohler, third Sheldon Biggley.

OB6 Vegetable oddity: First Devar O’Gorman, second Julia Mansiere, third Natasha Stohler.

C Intermediate

OC1 Beets: First Gunnar Martens.

OC2 Carrots: First Alicia Nightingale, second Grant Mansiere, third Reilly Noble.

OC3 Potatoes: First Gunnar Martens, second Katlyn Nightingale.

OC4 Pumpkin: First Katarina Stohler, second Gunnar Martens.

OC5 Tomatoes: First Katarina Stohler, second Gunnar Martens.

OC6 Vegetable oddity: First Mary Nightingale, second Grant Mansiere, third Katarina Stohler.

D Grade 8 and under

OD1 Mixed basket: First Matthew Lowery, second Brooke Jenner.

P Dairy, Eggs, Honey

PA1 Eggs, brown: First Theo Morrison.

R Flowers

RA5 Bloomin’ Fun: First Lindsay Jones, second Emma Jones, third Matthew Lowery.

RA6 Veggie Tale: First Emma Jones, second Matthew Lowery, third Lindsay Jones.

S Handicrafts and Hobbies

A 10 and younger

SA1 Beadwork: First Matthew Lowery, second Sheldon Biggley.

SA2 Dressed doll: First Stephanie Teo.

SA3 Rugs, cushions: First Chet Gregg.

SA4 Ceramics/pottery: First Everett Miller, second Averi Boerboom, third Andrew Mitchell.

SA5 Metal work: First Natasha Stohler.

SA6 Sculpture: First Natasha Stohler, second Emilia Tolnai, third Logan Miller.

SA7 Weaving: First Sophie Eaton.

SA9 Hand decorated T-shirt: First Natasha Stohler, second Phoebe Chalmers.

SA10 Origami: First Dylan Kirschmann, second Amelia DeGagne.

SA11 Ornament: First Jessica Fischer, second Katie Jell.

SA12 Miscellaneous: First Matthew Lowery, second Logan Miller, third Alexandra Delanty.

SA13 Jewellery: First Stephanie Teo

B 11 to 15 years

SB2 Dressed doll: First Victoria Teo.

SB4 Ceramics/Pottery: First Claire Bowyer, second Mary Nightingale, third Darion Pescada.

SB5 Metal work: First Ryan O’Gorman.

SB6 Sculpture: First Ivy Hiebert, second Claire Bowyer, third Nina Tolnai.

SB7 Weaving: First Taylor Smith.

SB8 Woodwork: First Dawson Jenner, second Jacob Kirschmann, third Katrina Kirschmann.

SB10 Origami: First Katarina Stohler, second Dayvi Nelson.

SB12 Miscellaneous: First Dayvi Nelson, second Matraya Buchanan, third Darion Pescada.

SB13 Jewellery, mounted: First Ryan O’Gorman, second Dayvi Nelson, third Taylor Smith.

C Competitions 11 to 15

SC1 Model construction, no kit: First J.J. Henderson.

SC2 Model construction, kit: First Emily Eaton, second Chet Gregg.

SC3 Educational display: First Matraya Buchanan, second Natasha Stohler.

D Lego creations, 10 and under

SD1 Any Lego display: First Nicholas Taylor

E Lego creations, 11 to 15

SE1 Any Lego display: First J.J. Henderson, second Josh Lucier, third Logan Miller.

T Junior Handwork

A 10 and younger

TA1 Sewn garment: Third Emilia Tolnai.

TA2 Knitted or crocheted article: Second Jessy Pugh.

TA3 Stitchery, embroidery or cross stitch: Second Jessica Fischer.

TA4 Miscellaneous: First Averi Boerboom, second Emilia Tolnai.

B 11 to 15 years

TB1 Sewn garment: First Nina Tolnai, second Alicia Nightingale.

TB2 Knitted or crocheted article: First Katrina Kirschmann, second Alicia Nightingale, third Brooke Jenner.

TB3 Stitchery, embroidery or cross stitch: Second Mary Nightingale.

TB4 Miscellaneous: Second Kaitlyn Nightingale, third Nina Tolnai.

U Baking

UA1 Fancy cupcakes: First Ivy Hiebert, second Kaitlyn Nightingale, third Marie Bowyer.

UA2 Cookies: First Charlie Krysa, second Caitlyn Wiebe, third Lily Keys.

UA3 Pizza cookie: First Brooke Jenner, second Calum Keys, third Reilly Noble.

UA4 Candy: First Reilly Noble, second Devon O’Gorman.

UA5 Popcorn balls: First Emma Jones, second Calum Keys, third Lindsay Jones.

UA6 Brownies: First Brooke Jenner, second Emma Jones, third Becca Eisner.

UA7 Muffins: First Brooke Jenner, second Matthew Lowery, third Becca Eisner.

V Photography

A 10 and younger

VA1 Snapshot: First Stephanie Teo, second Amelia DeGagne, third Lily Keys.

VA2 Four colour prints: First Matthew Lowery, second Calum Keys, third Lily Keys.

VA3 Portrait: First Lily Keys, second Lindsay Jones, third Matthew Lowery.

VA5 Pets: First Lily Keys, second Lindsay Jones, third Devon O’Gorman.

VA6 Digital manipulation: First Calum Keys, second Matthew Lowery.

VA7 Miscellaneous: First Lily Keys, second Matthew Lowery, third Sydney Wilson.

B 11 to 15 years

VB1 Snapshot: First J.J. Henderson, second Emma Jones, third Alexandra Fischer.

VB2 Four colour prints: First Aidan Aquirre, second Emma Jones, third J.J. Henderson.

VB3 Portrait: First Emma Jones, second Kirsten Eisner.

VB4 Four colour prints, Okanagan: First Kirsten Eisner, second Emma Jones, third J.J. Henderson.

VB5 Pets: First Jessica O’Gorman, second J.J. Henderson, third Ryan Taylor.

VB6 Digital manipulation: First Emma Jones, second Kirsten Eisner.

VB7 Miscellaneous: First Aidan Aquirre, second Emma Jones, third Ryan O’Gorman.

VB8 Agricultural sights: First Emma Jones, second Kirsten Eisner.

VA9 Things change, then and now: First Kirsten Eisner, second Alexandra Fischer, third Emma Jones.

W Art

A Five and under

WA1 Pencil crayon drawing: First Jaedyn Johnson, second Hailey Galpin, third Ian Robinson.

WA2 Printing: First Landen Boerboom, second Ian Robinson, third Nolan Wilson.

WA3 Finger painting: First Brady Galpin, second Hailey Galpin, third Landen Boerboom.

WA4 Collage: First Landen Boerboom, second Hailey Galpin.

WA5 Felt pen drawing: First Ian Robinson, second Jaedyn Johnson.

B Six to eight

WB1 Poster with words: First Toby Stohler.

WB2 Painting: First Claire DeGagne, second Brix Corday, third Catherine Robinson.

WB3 Pencil crayon drawing: First Jessy Pugh, second Catherine Robinson, third Lukas Kirschman.

WB4 Pen or pencil sketch: First Brix Corday, second Sheldon Bissley, third Everett Miller.

WB5 Collage: First Everett Miller, second Toby Stohler, third Jessy Pugh.

WB6 Print: First Everett Miller, second Catherine Robinson, third Toby Stohler.

C Nine to 11

WC1 Poster with words: First Lexi Corday, second Natasha Stohler, third Duncan Robinson.

WC2 Painting: First Jacqueline Mansiere, second Keelyn Mitchell, third Stephanie Teo.

WC3 Pencil crayon or oil pastel: First Logan Miller, second Jessica Fischer, third Matthew Lowery.

WC4 Pen or pencil sketch: First Lexi Corday, second Sophie Eaton, third Natasha Stohler.

WC5 Collage: First Lexi Corday, second Kinsey Corday, third Logan Miller.

WC6 Print: First Averi Boerboom, second Natasha Stohler, third Jacqueline Mansiere.

D 12 to 15

WD1 Poster with words: First Alexandra Fischer, second Katarina Stohler.

WD2 WatercolourL First Emma Jones, second Jessica O’Gorman.

WD3 Oil or acrylic: First Dayvi Nelson, second Ryan O’Gorman, third Jessica O’Gorman.

WD4 Portrait: First Dayvi Nelson, second Alexandra Fischer, third Bryanna Johnston.

WD5 Pencil or ink sketch: First Claire Bowyer, second Mary Nightingale, third Ryan O’Gorman.

WD6 Pencil crayon/felt pen/oil pastel: First Victoria Teo, second Emma Jones, third Matraya Buchanan.

X Writing

A Six to eight

XA2 Poems: First Jesse Buchanan, second Claire DeGagne.

XA3 Short stories 1 to 250 words: First Lukas Kirschmann, second Jesse Buchanan, third Catherine Robinson.

B Nine to 11

XB1 Haiku: First Tyler Algar.

XB2 Poems: First Matthew Lowery, second Jessica Fischer, third Larissa Mahyr.

XB3 Short stories 1 to 250 words: First Lexi Corday,second Matthew Lowery, third Olivia Harrold, Nina Tolnai.

XB4 Short stories over 250 words: First Matthew Lowery, second Nicholas Mahyr.

C 12 to 15

XC1 Haiku: First Emma Jones.

XC2 Poems: First Trista Algar.

XC3 Short stories 1 to 250 words: First Emma Jones.

XC4 Short stories 250 words or more: First Emma Jones, second Trista Algar.

Y Livestock

YA1 Chickens: First Katrina Kirschmann, second Dylan Kirschmann, third Skyler Barron.

YA3 Ducks: First Skyler Barron.

YA7 Other animals: First Saige Cleary, second Evan Cleary, third Stephanie Teo.

Z Caged animals

ZA2 Guinea pigs: First Lily Keys, second Calum Keys.

ZA4 Mice: First Jessy Pugh.



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UBC researchers want to hear from rural residents on health care

Once completed, the project will inform health care planning and policy decisions

Kamloops RCMP investigate violent home invasion

Police believe the incident was targeted

Wildfire crews watching for dangerous wind shift in High Level, Alta.

The Chuckegg Creek fire is raging out of control about three kilometres southwest of the town

UN urges Canada to take more vulnerable Mexican migrants from Central America

The request comes as the United States takes a harder line on its Mexican border

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