Lucas Garrett

Lucas Garrett

Students show scientific research

Students at Summerland Middle School conducted experiments and analyzed the data as they prepared for the annual science fair which was held last week at the school.

Shona Becker, science teacher at the school, said more than 200 students took part as Grade 7 and 8 student had 104 entries in the fair.

“Some of the students have been working on these projects for three months now,” she said.

Becker explained that the students were asked to present projects which involved experiments and studies rather than presenting reports on existing data.

“It’s not the concept we were going after; it’s the process,” she said.

Caitlin Shaw, a Grade 7 student, studied whether cigarette butts affect the quality of lake water by analyzing water samples.

Jessica Erhardt and Miranda Basso, Grade 7 students, examined non-toxic ways to clean up oil spills and discovered feathers are most effective.

Grade 8 students Lucas Garrett and Kiran Rochon created an oscillator which used shadows and light to produce various tones.

Austin Hogg looked at alternate energy by building a battery using water, salt and galvanized or copper wire, studying which metal was most effective.

Now that the school has held its science fair, Becker said the top 14 students will move on to the district science fair in Penticton.

The fair will be held at KVR Middle School in Penticton on March 7 and 8. From there, top students will advance to the regional science fair and the Canada wide science fair.

Award winners

Several Summerland Middle School students received awards for their science fair projects.

Backdrop Awards

Grade 7

Austin Hogg, Alternative Energy

Elys Kinkead and Kaci Van Horlick, Pour y-a t’il deux feux d’artifrices dans le lait?

Grade 8

John Crofts, Pick-Up Lines

Haley Carson, Talysha Bradshaw and Donna-Lee Bradshaw, Stroop or Bloop

Bill Nye the Science Guy Awards 

John Crofts, Pick-Up Lines

Future David Suzuki Awards

Austin Hogg, Alternative Energy

Caitlin Shaw, Do Cigarette Butts Affect Lake Water?

Einstein Awards

Cawston Tower and Aidan McLuskey, Propeller’s Away

Dillen Septon and Riley Theissen, 2 Fast 2 Furious

Alex Zander and Richard Thevage, Magnetic Leviation Train

Most Unique Topic

Lucas Garrett and Kiran Rochon, Riding the Audio Wave

Mad Scientist Award

Kendra Reger and Spencer MacIntosh, Tue la Pilule

Kaci Van Horlick and Elys Kinkead, Pourquoi – y a t’il des feux d’artificesdansle lait?

Future Researcher

Brian Bonthoux, Vitamin D


Spencer McIntosh and Kendra Reger, Tue la pilule

Maya Venkataraman and Ella Weir, C’est le bettement

Shane Foronoff and Geoff Stathers, Play the Pressure

Haven Dufty and Katelyn McCollum, Density is Destiny

Ana Clouatre and Simran Klar, La graine la plus chaude

John Crofts, Pick Up Lines

Arielle Jenkins and Emma Thomson, Blanc, brun, ou organique?

Abhi Lekhi, Take A Shot at Music

Kira Hughes and Sarah Lundman, Texting vs Spelling

Austin Hogg, Alternative Energy

Brian Bonthoux, Vitamin D

Kiran Rochon-Woitzik and Lucas Garrett, Synthesizers and Simplicity

Caitlin Shaw, Est-ce que kes megots affectent l’eau

Faith Johnstone, Snore, I’m Taller

Decio Pescada and Martha Headland, How To Stress Less

Aidan McLuskey and Cawston Tower, Propeller’s Away

Sydney Peterson, Stacked Plaque

The students who won gold will go on to the District Science Fair on March 7 and 8 at KVR Middle School.