Fall fair

The Summerland Fall Fair was held recently. The following results are for youth entries.

  • Oct. 2, 2012 1:00 p.m.

N Fruits

Class A Apples

Spartan: First Gunnar Martens, second Tom Phillips.

Red Delicious: First Catherine Robinson, second Katarina Stohler, third Natasha Stohler.

Gala: First Gunnar Martens.

Any other named variety: First Matthew Lowery, second Rylan Gamble, third Gunnar Martens.

Class B Pears

Bartlett: First Catherine Robinson.

Any other named variety: First Hannah Patterson.

Class C Special Competition

Biggest apple: First Matthew Lowery, second Tom Phillips.

Humour, oddities: First Tom Phillips, second Duncan Robinson, third Catherine Robinson.

Junior fruit trophy: Gunnar Martens.

O Vegetables

Class A Gardens

Best garden: First Emma Jones, second Ben Geertz, third Hanna Marsh de Boer. Honourable mention to Angela Boerboom, Tamatea Westby and Kinsey Corday.

Gus Bisschop Trophy: Emma Jones.

Beets: First Jessica O’Gorman, second Ben Bowyer, third Kisney Corday, fourth Kirsten Eisner.

Carrots: First Hanna Marsh de Boer, second Gunnar Martens, third Ben Geertz, fourth Jessica O’Gorman.

Potatoes: First Ben Geertz, second Ivy Hiebert, third Gunnar Martens, fourth Hanna Marsh de Boer.

Beans: First Hannah Jones, second Gunnar Martens, third Kyra Soo, fourth Ivy Hiebert.

Vegetable oddity: First Kyra Soo, second Kirsten Eisner, third Katarina Stohler, fourth Emma Jones.

Plate of vegetables: First Emma Jones, second Kirsten Eisner, third Ben Bowyer.

Wright Trophy: Emma Jones.

Class B Grade 5 and under

Beets: First Jacqueline Mansiere, second Julia Mansiere, third Matthew Lowery.

Carrots: First Skyler Barron, second Reilly Noble, third Jacqueline Mansiere, fourth Julia Mansiere.

Potatoes: First Skyler Barron.

Squash or pumpkin: First Miles Staley, second Reilly Noble, third Oliver Staley.

Tomatoes: First Jessie Pugh, second Reilly Noble, third Matthew Lowery.

Vegetable oddity: First Matthew Lowery, second Skyler Barron, third Jacqueline Mansiere, fourth Dylan Kerr.

Robinson Shield: Matthew Lowery.

Class C Grade 6 to 8

Beets: First Grant Mansiere, second Skyler Barron.

Carrots: First Alicia Nightingale, second Grant Mansiere.

Potatoes: First Kaitlyn Nightingale.

Pumpkin: First Gunnar Martens.

Tomatoes: First Gunnar Martens.

Vegetable oddity: First Grant Mansiere.

Hollinger Trophy: Grant Mansiere.

Class D Grade 8 and under

Mixed vegetable basket: First Hanna Marsh de Boer, second Mary Nightingale.

P Dairy, Eggs, Honey

Class A Eggs

Brown: First Skyler Barron.

Class B Honey

Honeycomb: First Natasha Stohler.

Honey, extracted: First Natasha Stohler.

R Flowers

Class A Flowers

Collection of annuals: First Catherine Robinson, second Hanna Marsh de Boer, third Matthew Lowery.

Collection of perennials: First Matthew Lowery, second Emma Jones, third Catherine Robinson.

Mixed flower arrangement: First Jacqueline Mansiere, second Emma Jones, third Julia Mansiere.

Dried grasses: First Natasha Stohler, second Jessica Fischer, third Alexandra Fischer.

Bloomin’ Fun: First Kaitlyn Nightingale, second Gunnar Martens, third Catherine Robinson.

Veggie Tale: First Emma Jones, second Lindsay Jones, third Katarine Stohler.

Gallop Trophy: Emma Jones.

S Handicrafts and Hobbies

Class A 10 and younger

Beadwork other than jewellery: First Matthew Lowery.

Dressed doll: First Hannah Patterson, second Jacqueline Mansiere.

Ceramics/pottery: First Ella Hiebert, second Catherine Robinson, third Tyler Algar.

Metal work: First Natasha Stohler, second Tobias Stohler.

Sculpture: First Catherine Robinson, second Natasha Stohler, third Skyler Barron.

Weaving: First Everett Miller, second Hannah Patterson, third Natasha Stohler.

Woodwork: First Matthew Lowery, second Dylan Kirschmann, third Koen Buckingham.

Hand-decorated t-shirt: First Brooke Jenner, second Katie Van Bergeyk, third Hannah Patterson.

Origami: First Stephanie Teo.

Ornament: First Tobias Stohler.

Class B 11 to 15

Miscellaneous craft: First Logan Miller, second Koen Buckingham, third Hannah Patterson.

Jewellery: First Katrina Kirschmann, second Kiena Spencer, third Kenley Spencer.

Dressed doll: first Victoria Teo, second Claire Bowyer, third Tom Phillips.

Hooked, punched, braided article: First Ivy Hiebert.

Ceramics/pottery: First Claire Bowyer, second Katarina Stohler, third Natasha Reimer.

Sculpture: First Natasha Reimer, second Hannah Patterson, third Katarina Stohler.

Woodwork: First Gavin Tiel, second Tom Phillips, third Sophia Reimer.

Hand-decorated t-shirt: First Emma Jones, second Aliya Van Bergeyk.

Origami: First Tom Phillips, second Katarina Stohler.

Miscellaneous craft: First Sophia Reimer, second Claire Bowyer, third Emma Jones.

Jewellery: First Ryann Buckingham, second Emma Jones, third Sophia Reimer.

Class C Special Competitions

Model, no kit: First Gavin Tiel.

Model, kit: First Tom Phillips, second Skyler Barron, third Gavin Tiel.

Best overall model: Tom Phillips.

Educational display: Katarina Stohler.

Class D Lego 10 and younger

Any Lego display: First Nicholas Taylor, second Andrew Mitchell, third Dylan Kirschmann.

Class E Lego 11 to 15

Any Lego display: First Gavin Tiel, second Emily Eaton, third Kobe Hutchinson.

Halleran Cup: Gavin Tiel.

Hallquist Family Plaque: Everett Miller.

Bad Robot Prize to most creative Lego entry: Nicholas Taylor.

T Handwork

Class A 10 and younger

Sewn garment: First Natasha Stohler, second Brooke Jenner.

Knitted or crocheted: First Katrina Kirschmann, second Kenley Spencer, third Kiena Spencer.

Miscellaneous: First Lexi Bennett, second Brooke Jenner.

Class B 11 to 15

Sewn garment: First Katarina Stohler, second Dawson Jenner.

Kintted or crocheted: First Sophia Reimer.

Miscellaneous handwork: First Sophia Reimer, second Amelia DeGagne.

Class C 16 to 18

Sewn garment: First Lindsey Jenner.

Miscellaneous: Lindsey Jenner.

Eagle Trophy: Brooke Jenner.

U Baking

Class A Baking 15 and under

Fancy cupcakes: First Devan O’Gorman, second Jessica O’Gorman, third Brooke Jenner.

Cookies: First Matthew Lowery, second Ryann Buckingham, third Isaac Jonsson-Good.

Pizza cookie: First Reilly Noble.

Candy: First Reilly Noble, second Devan O’Gorman.

Popcorn balls: First Duncan Robinson.

Brownies: First Kaitlyn Nightingale, second Rebecca Eisner, third Brooke Jenner.

Muffins: First Brooke Jenner, second Jessica O’Gorman, third Matthew Lowery.

V Junior Photography

Class A 10 and under


Snapshot: First Hanna Marsh de Boer, second Calum Keys, third Devan O’Gorman.

Four colour prints: First Matthew Lowery, second Calum Keys, third Sheldon Biggley.

Portrait: First Calum Keys, second Matthew Lowery, third Hanna Marsh de Boer.

Four colour prints Okanagan scenery: First Kirsten Eisner, second Matthew Lowery, third Hanna Marsh de Boer.

Pets: First Kirsten Eisner, second Lindsay Jones, third Calum Keys.

Digital manipulation: First Matthew Lowery, second Hanna Marsh de Boer.

Miscellaneous: First Lindsay Jones, second Matthew Lowery, third Sheldon Biggley.

Agricultural sights: First Kirsten Eisner, second Matthew Lowery.

Things Change Then and Now: First Hanna Marsh de Boer.

Class B 11 to 15

Snapshot: First Emma Jones, second Aidan Aguirre, third Ryan O’Gorman.

Four colour prints: First Tom Phillips, second Emma Jones, third Gavin Tiel.

Portrait: First Emma Jones, second Aidan Aguirre.

Four colour prints Okanagan scenery: First Emma Jones, second Tom Phillips.

Pets: First Emma Jones, second Kaitlyn Nightingale, third Gavin Tiel.

Digital manipulation: First Emma Jones.

Miscellaneous: First Jessica O’Gorman, second Emma Jones, third Aidan Aguirre.

Agricultural sights: First Emma Jones, second Tom Phillips.

Things Change Then and Now: First Emma Jones, second Mary Nightingale.

Eagles Aux. 3083 Trophy: Emma Jones.

W Art

Class A 5 and under

Pencil crayon drawing: First Claire DeGagne, second Emma Barron, third Ian Robinson.

Printing: First Ian Robinson, second Clark Wiebe.

Wax crayon: First Amelia DeGagne, second Kaylee Bissley, third Jaeden Johnson.

Painting, freehand drawing: First Ezra Hiebert, second Ian Robinson, third Emma Barron.

Finger painting: First Ian Robinson, second Kenley Spencer, third Kiena Spencer.

Collage: First Jack Wiebe.

Felt pen: First Claire DeGagne, second Kaylee Bissley, third Kenley Spencer.

Most promising artist under age five: Claire DeGagne.

Class B 6 to 8

Poster without words: First Tobias Stohler.

Painting, freehand drawing: First Morgan Edwards, second Mattias Van Bergeyk, third Lily Keys.

Pencil crayon freehand drawing: First Lukas Kirschmann, second Taylor Kelliher, third Lily Keys.

Felt pen freehand drawing: First Lindsay Jones, second Sophie Eaton, third Lily Keys.

Wax crayon or oil pastel: First Harrold Carmen, second Catherine Robinson, third Sophie Eaton.

Print: First Catherine Robinson, second Tobias Stohler, third Lindsay Jones.

Two or more art media: First Sophie Eaton, second Tyler Algar, third Lily Keys.

Most promising artist six to eight: Morgan Edwards.

Class C 9 to 11

Poster without words: First Duncan Robinson, second Lexi Corday, third Natasha Stohler.

Painting, freehand drawing: First Jack Edwards, second Kinsey Corday, third Jessica Fischer.

Pencil crayon or oil pastel: First Olivia Harrold, second Kinsey Corday, third Lexi Corday.

Pen or pencil sketch: First Alexandra Fischer, second Jacqueline Mansiere, third Katarina Stohler.

Collage: First Kinsey Corday, second Brooke Jenner, third Lexi Corday.

Print: First Brooke Jenner, second Katarina Stohler, third Emma Jones.

Two or more art media: First Seth Kennedy, second Kinsey Corday, third Stephanie Teo.

Most promising artist nine to 11: Jack Edwards.

Class D 12 to 15

Poster without words: First Gavin Tiel, second Mary Nightingale.

Watercolour: First Claire Bowyer, second Sophia Reimer.

Pencil, ink or charcoal sketch: First Claire Bowyer, second Jessica Lewis, third Natasha Reimer.

Portrait: First Natasha Reimer, second Chloe Harrold, third Claire Bowyer.

Collage: First Ryan O’Gorman.

Print: First Natasha Reimer, second Zoe Baron.

Oil or acrylic freehand painting: First Claire Bowyer, second Jessica Lewis, third Aliya Van Bergeyk.

Pencil crayon or oil pastel: First Claire Bowyer, second Natasha Reimer, third Trista Algar.

Most promising artist 12 to 15: Gavin Tiel.

Summerland Credit Union Trophy: Claire Bowyer.

X Writing

Class A 6 to 8

Haiku: First Catherine Robinson, second Tyler Algar.

Poems: First Catherine Robinson, second Tyler Algar.

Short stories one to 250 words: First Catherine Robinson, second Lindsay Jones, third Tyler Algar.

Best overall in Class A: Catherine Robinson.

Class B 9 to 11

Haiku: First Emma Jones, second Duncan Robinson, third Matthew Lowery.

Poems: First Emma Jones, second Jessica O’Gorman, third Kinsey Corday.

Short stories one to 250 words: First Emma Jones, second Duncan Robinson, third Natasha Stohler.

Short stories over 250 words: First Ivy Hiebert, second Emma Jones, third Duncan Robinson.

Best overall in Class B: Ivy Hiebert.

Class C 12 to 15

Haiku: First Natasha Reimer, second Trista Algar, third Kaitlyn Nightingale.

Poems: First Trista Algar, second Natasha Reimer, third Kaitlyn Nightingale.

Short stories one to 250 words: First Trista Algar.

Short stories over 250 words: First Kaitlyn Nightingale, second Trista Algar.

Best overall in Class C: Trista Algar.

Summerland Teachers’ Association shield for best overall short story: Ivy Hiebert.

Y Livestock

Class A 15 and younger

Chickens: First Skyler Barron, second Katrina Kirschmann, third Kirsten Eisner.

Ducks: First Skyler Barron.

Other animals not mentioned: First Skyler Barron, second Alexandra Delanty.

SEA Trophy: Skyler Barron.

Z Caged Animals

Class A 15 and younger

Guinea pigs: First Tyler Algar.

Hamsters: First Stephanie Teo.

Rabbits; First Trista Algar, second Kirsten Eisner.

Kay Gollnick Trophy: Trista Algar.




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