Exhibit addresses bullying

Amanda Todd, Reteah Parsons. In dying these two young women helped awaken people to the impact of bullying in our society.

Amanda Todd, Reteah Parsons.  Sadly familiar names. But not for good reasons.  In dying these two young women helped awaken people to the pervasive and damaging impact of bullying in our society.

We all know people who have been bullied. Perhaps ourselves.

In our community Summerland Bully Free was formed in order to enhance the quality of life in Summerland by creating, supporting and promoting initiatives that advocate for a bully free community.

Summerland Bully Free in conjunction with the Summerland Community Arts Council joined forces on a project that invited artists from as far away as Vancouver to submit works for Outlines, Artwork inspired by Bullying.

This show, which explores the issue of bullying opens Thursday, April 17 at the Summerland Art Gallery.  The works you will see tell stories about being different. And about embracing that difference and wearing it with pride.

The works are challenging and thought provoking and will be on display at the Summerland Art Gallery until Saturday, May 3.

Sadly, no life is untouched by bullies. We’ve seen them and we’ve been them.  The issue of bullying is so pervasive that both the Penticton Art Gallery and the Summerland Art Gallery have shows focussing on this issue.  Styx ‘n’ Stones will be at the Penticton Art Gallery until May 11.

The title of the Penticton show  takes its key from the old rhyme sticks and stones…. but replaces sticks with the mythical Greek version Styx which was the river that separates the world of the living from the world of the dead. Styx it is said winds around Hades (hell) nine times.

Its name comes from the Greek word stugein, which means hate. Styx: the river of hate.

A fitting reinterpretation on the age old rhyme sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me …. of course they do.

If you think you haven’t been affected by bullying, come to the Summerland Art Gallery from April 17 to May 3 to be touched by art based on this theme. What can’t be said in words, can be felt in art.

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The Arts Palette is written by David Finnis, Publicity Chair and President of the Summerland Community Arts Council,  9533 Main St.