This is the winner in the adult poetry in the creative writing.

  • Sep. 7, 2011 8:00 p.m.

Winner, adult poetry.

by Brandy Lynn Maslowski

Somewhere along the river

the fish eyes filter

through the darkness.

By now, this day and age,

their generation sees

no rainbow.




A passer-by comments

on the empty cups, the straws,

the mustard foiled burger paper,

the brown murky water,

her child tightly seat-belted,

with a sliding lid cup of cheerios,

sings red-orange-yellow-green-





A lone elderly woman cries

tears and tears

with the news of 5 Canadians

dead in Mexico,

especially the father and son

who left a wife and daughter.

She drops her knitting and wavers

over to the white castled window

her children invested in

for a view of the river.




A firefighter gets a tetanus shot

for nicking her arm with a knife

trying to cut free

a drowning jumper tangled

as they save him

as he tried to die.




The heart beat of the dragon boat

begins his solid rhythmic chant

increasing the speed and intensity

of his fairly fit team

as the elites slide by

hardly trying.




The baggers in the lilac bush green

coloured tent by the shore lie still

at dusk as if never there

while footsteps of possible police

walk by and away.

The fish won’t breathe a word.

Together they can sleep another night.

Somewhere along the river.