Christine Purvis

Christine Purvis

Concert features flute and organ sounds

A concert at Lakeside Presbyterian Church in Summerland will feature relatively recent compositions.

A concert of flute and organ music at Lakeside Presbyterian Church will feature relatively recent compositions.

Organist Christine Purvis and flautist Antonia Mahon said the oldest piece in the repertoire was written in 1936 while the most recent works were from the last few years.

“One of the pieces was written in 2011 and another was in 2009,” Mahon said.

While the music is contemporary, Mahon said it is not experimental.

“It’s all extremely melodic,” she said. “We’ve picked music with beautiful melodies and beautiful structures. There’s nothing bizarre or strange about it.”

While some of the pieces will be performed on the organ or flute alone, most will be performed  together.

The two have performed at the church in the past and appreciate the opportunity to make music using the historic pipe organ.

“The sound is just incredible,” Purvis said. “The acoustics are wonderful and the organ is 100 years old.”

In addition to the sounds, Kelowna artist Francine Gravel will have some of her works on exhibit at the concert.

Tickets are available at the Summerland Arts Centre and the Sweet Tooth.