LETTER: Fossil fuels should be kept in the ground

Tom Fletcher’s tirade against people who want a habitable world is demonic thinking

  • Apr 7th, 2018

LETTER: Thanks for caring service

Funeral chapel in Summerland provided help to family

  • Apr 7th, 2018

LETTER: Family information available online

Summerland pioneer William J. Beattie arrived in Canada in 1905 or 1907

  • Apr 2nd, 2018
Fire at golf course in Chemainus
JP Hoe concert in Ladysmith
Million Dollar Quartet at Chemainus Theatre
Fire near Quinsam coal mine

LETTER: Tooth found at Summerland Aquatic Centre

One day a patron of our Aquatic Centre came complaining that a child’s tooth was lying on the floor

  • Apr 2nd, 2018

LETTER: Garbage bins only benefit contractor, manufacturer

Most Summerland households do not generate enough waste to justify new containers

  • Apr 2nd, 2018

LETTER: Electoral reform driven by party interests

In the past, both parties have demonstrated untrustworthy behaviour on electoral reform

  • Mar 27th, 2018

LETTER: Requirement violates fundamental freedoms

Individuals and organizations should not be forced to make an attestation of values

  • Mar 27th, 2018

LETTER: Solar project will benefit Summerland

Although a small project providing only a small percentage of Summerland’s needs, it is a good start

LETTER: Summerland has wasted money

We can only hope the citizens of Summerland throw these incompetents out in the coming election

  • Mar 27th, 2018

Equality, Indigenous equality

Letter from chiefs applauds efforts being made with federal budget

  • Mar 26th, 2018

LETTERS: Two views of oil pipeline protests

U.S. and other petroleum-rich countries aren’t cutting production

LETTER: Thanks for help after fall

A young lady drove by, stopped her car and asked if I had hurt myself

  • Mar 10th, 2018

LETTER: Problem is tankers using Inside Passage

I would stop all heavy ship traffic except coastal vessels from using the Inside Passage

  • Mar 6th, 2018

LETTER: Development should have been in town

Development at Banks Crescent location might not be over yet

  • Mar 6th, 2018

LETTER: Environmental concerns must be priority

Climate change is continuing to have a detrimental impact on hundreds of millions of lives

  • Mar 6th, 2018

LETTER: Tune Agers offer musical opportunities

Group singing is the most exhilarating and transformative of all activities

LETTER: Development will change Trout Creek

Summerland neighbourhood is quickly losing its charm

  • Mar 5th, 2018