LETTER: Summerland should host compost facility

LETTER: Summerland should host compost facility

The idea of our community taking a big step towards bettering the environment makes me happy

Dear Editor:

An article from a couple weeks ago prompted me to write this letter.

It stated: “Judging from the letters, comments and feedback from the community, few if any in Summerland want to see a regional compost facility set up in the community.”

I was taken aback. Shouldn’t we be proud that it was our town chosen for this site?

Personally, I am excited to see that the RDOS has chosen Summerland as the top choice for a regional compost facility.

The idea of our community and those around us taking a big step towards bettering the environment makes me incredibly happy.

Composting is a major role in keeping our earth clean. When sitting in landfills, compostable items will produce greenhouse gases. By composting we reduce the carbon footprint.

Less materials would be going into the landfill and extend the life of the landfill and reduce operating costs. We would be seeing what is usually considered waste and garbage become a product that goes back into the community and the earth.

I love the fact that they are considering all different kinds of composting at this facility as well (food, yard, wood and water sludge) as each contributes to the overall environment.

There is also a chance for boosting the local economy as more jobs are created. For me, the benefits of a composting facility will by far outweigh any cons that cannot be addressed.

Many other communities around the world have facilities and programs put in place for composting and I think it’s time that the south Okanagan joined.

Summerland would be setting a huge example for the region and I would definitely be proud to be a part of the community that takes this on.

Alicia Nightingale