LETTER: iCasa project would have benefits

LETTER: iCasa project would have benefits

We all know that public health care for seniors is pushed to the max providing care

Dear Editor:

Like many of you, I’ve heard some negative comments about the iCasa Resort Living long term care facility planned for our community.

But has anyone given thought to the social and economic benefits of having a project of this nature in our community and the positive ripple affect it may have on an already strained public health care system?

As we all know, Summerland has an increasing number of seniors living in the region, with the demographic making up 27 per cent of the region’s population (age 65 and up.)

Moreover, recent news articles indicate that the next largest group (age 45-65) makes up 33 per cent which means the majority of Summerland residents are made up of an older demographic.

Yet, it is a known fact that there is lack of long term residential care for seniors, not only within the region but across the province.

The iCasa Resort Living long term care facility may not be affordable to everyone. But think of this, for every bed or unit occupied by a senior at iCasa, a much needed space becomes available in some other long term care facility.

Even better still, there is one less elderly person for Interior Health to manage within a hospital or home care situation.

We all know that public health care for seniors is pushed to the max providing home, community and residential care.

Hospitals must carry the extra burden for long term chronic care because of the lack of senior care units in our own communities.

Many of us who have aged family members at home look forward to every available opportunity to ensure that our loved ones receive the health care and attention they deserve.

Every senior who moves into iCasa will help remove some of the strain and burden on an already maxed out health care system. How can we not support and recognize the positive domino effect this facility will have on our aging population? iCasa will fill the void by providing more health care professionals, beds, long-term care, assisted living and independent living for our senior community.

If the iCasa development is approved and when it is my turn to rely on facilities for the elderly, I will have many more choices and options available to me.

I support the iCasa Resort Living project in my community.

Linda Bishop