Dirty Laundry Winery in Summerland is asking the public to name their latest wine. (Dirty Laundry Facebook)

Summerland winery wants you to name their latest wine

Winner gets bragging rights and a case of the newly labeled Dirty Laundry sparkling wine

Have you always wanted to name a wine but don’t own a winery?

Dirty Laundry Winery in Summerland is asking the community to name their newest wine release.

“The last few years have been heavily focused on community and we are grateful! So here we are, leaning on you — our community! We want your help in naming our sparkling white wine,” reads the post on their Facebook page.

The winner will receive a case of the sparkling white with the new label and bragging rights, of course.

Entries will be accepted until Feb. 2. You can offer your name on the comments on their Facebook page.

Names like Fresh Linens, Tickle Your Fancy, Hell on Heels and Summer Delight are just some of the names already put forward.

Dirty Laundry Winery got its name from the brothel that used to run above a laundromat set up in Summerland when they were building the railway.

As Dirty Laundry tells it, an entrepreneur named Sam Sue left working on the railway to open up a laundry in town but saw a way he could make even more money.

Sam opened up a brothel upstairs and had the men’s clothes cleaned downstairs.

“It’s our light-hearted tribute to those days,” said Dirty Laundry on their website. Bras hang from the line on the patio at the winery and wines have names like Hush, Secret Affair and A Girl in Every Port.

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