Column: Swedish hockey captain missed the silver lining

Sportsmanship is also a skill that needs practice after Lias Andersson threw his silver medal into the crowd

  • Jan 8th, 2018

EDITORIAL: The increasing cost of housing

The increasing property values should be cause for concern in Summerland and in rest of the region

  • Jan 3rd, 2018

EDITORIAL: An ongoing need

Why do we, in an affluent country and an affluent community, continue to have a need for food banks?

  • Dec 27th, 2017
Can't erase history by tearing down statues: McKenna
Toronto gets $25 million from Ontario to fight gun violence
Getting closer to pot-based medical products for pets
Dolphin rescue on Vancouver Island

EDITORIAL: Thanks for dedicated service

Some in the community must work on Christmas Day

  • Dec 24th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Addressing the important issues

A recent prank is much less important than some local, provincial, national and international issues

  • Dec 20th, 2017

Column: Make it a green Christmas

Instead of purchasing a cuddly stuffie this year, put your money towards helping the real thing.

EDITORIAL: Trump is far from finished

It may be harder to impeach Trump than people hope

  • Dec 9th, 2017

High cost of housing in Vancouver


  • Nov 29th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Proposal needs complete conclusion

It would be a mistake to reject the Banks Crescent proposal without a public hearing

  • Nov 23rd, 2017

EDITORIAL: Fall Fair requires effort

Organizers will need to work on resurrecting the Summerland Fall Fair and redefining it

  • Nov 19th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Reconsidering compost

The Summerland council decision to reject the regional compost facility was a decisive 6-1 vote

  • Nov 9th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Housing solutions

Two development applications and a bylaw change represent a shift in housing for Summerland

Editorial: Sex workers in need of help

Kelowna editorial calls for more creative community thinking to help women at risk

EDITORIAL: Rejecting a compost location

The Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen must find another location for its compost facility

  • Oct 26th, 2017

EDITORIAL: The effects of high housing costs

For those who live in the Okanagan, the cost of housing is a significant obstacle

  • Oct 23rd, 2017

EDITORIAL: A tedious process

The proposed Banks Crescent development was first made public last year in November

  • Oct 12th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Providing affordable housing

Now it’s time to do something about an ongoing problem in Summerland

EDITORIAL: A process for decision-making

Without adequate information, it is impossible to make a wise decision

  • Sep 4th, 2017

EDITORIAL: The high cost of housing

It is not feasible to continue with the status quo or to ignore the topic of housing costs.

  • Sep 20th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Preparing for future wildfires

This year is the worst fire season on record in B.C., with far more damage than 2003 or 1958

  • Sep 13th, 2017