EDITORIAL: Questions deserve answers

EDITORIAL: Questions deserve answers

Concerns raised about proposed Summerland projects must be considered

Two proposals, each with the potential to bring revenue into Summerland, are also generating plenty of controversy.

The Banks Crescent development proposal and the regional compost facility proposal have resulted in some heated comments and anger.

Opponents say Banks Crescent is the wrong location for the proposed seniors housing facility.

It would alter the character of the neighbourhood, put extra traffic on the road, affect the fish hatchery and take fertile land out of agricultural production.

In addition, opponents say slope stability issues make construction unwise in that location.

As for the regional compost facility, the opponents say the location is too close to Summerland’s water treatment plant. The odour from the facility and the additional truck traffic on Prairie Valley Road must also be examined.

While these concerns must be considered, it would be unwise to reject or accept either proposal until after a full study is completed.

Questions deserve answers and the questions about these two proposals have not yet been answered.

Until the answers have been received and until the studies and reeportes are completed, it would be premature to make a decision to accept or reject either proposal.

This means a long period of uncertainty as the community waits for more details.

And with each passing day, opposition to both proposals could grow.

However, considering the impact either project could have, the process must be followed and the members of council must be able to debate the advantages and disadvantages of each proposal.

Once the information has been compiled, and once the arguments have been made for and against each project, it will be possible to make wise, reasonable decisions.