EDITORIAL: Answering the wrong question

EDITORIAL: Answering the wrong question

The question is whether to approve the development at the Banks Crescent location

As Summerland’s municipal council considers whether to approve the proposed iCasa development, a suggestion from the public continues to surface.

That suggestion is to approve the proposed seniors care facility at a downtown location.

Proponents of this suggestion say the concept is good, but the location, on Banks Crescent, is the wrong place for such a development.

By building downtown, they say the concerns raised about the development would be eliminated.

Questions of slope stability would no longer be a factor. A development in the downtown would no longer have a potential impact on the trout hatchery, nor would it result in additional traffic on Solly Road.

The downtown commercial sector, would benefit if the development were to be built close to the core.

The former Parkdale Place location on Kelly Avenue, and the site of the Wharton Street project nearby have both been suggested as ideal locations.

But those suggesting a downtown location are ignoring the specific question council must consider. The question is whether to approve the development at the Banks Crescent location.

If council approves the plan, then it can proceed at this location. If the location is considered unsuitable, the development process comes to an end.

If another location is to be considered, then it would have to come up in a separate development proposal.

That said, it is worthwhile for the community to consider proposals for housing developments near the core of the community.

Developments close to downtown would benefit businesses and would appeal to a segment of potential owners and tenants.

However, any such developments would have to come up as a separate proposal.

The discussion over the iCasa proposal on Banks Crescent is for a specific development, at a specific location.