Garden markers. V2A Project

Garden markers. V2A Project

V2A Project brings gardeners together to raise funds for Penticton food bank

The V2A Project raised $1,600

A mid-year fundraiser held in support of the Penticton Salvation Army Food Bank brought in about $1,600.

The fundraiser was held by the V2A Project, which sold more than 500 handmade garden markers, made from recycled clay and leftover glazes.

The reusable clay garden markers, used to identify rows of seeds in backyard gardens, feature a house image, similar to the V2A Project’s annual Christmas ornaments.

The cost of the mergers was only $2, but according to Dave Lieskovsky, people donated much more.

“The project was also used as a reminder that, throughout the growing season, any excess garden-fresh fruit and vegetables can be donated to the food bank along with the usual canned and boxed food donations,” said Lieskovsky.

All of the proceeds went to the Penticton food bank.

The V2A Project was founded by the Lieskovsky family in 2016 in response to Penticton’s growing homeless community. V2A is Penticton’s postal code and is a symbolic reference to homelessness, said Lieskovsky.

“If someone doesn’t have a postal code, they likely don’t have a home and are in need of help,” explained Lieskovsku.

V2A projects have raised more than $16,000.00 for the local Salvation Army.

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