Zoe Mallach and Kaiden Creagh were among the recipients of the Sharon Amos Legacy for the Arts. At right is Ben Amos, donor of the bursary fund. (Contributed)

Zoe Mallach and Kaiden Creagh were among the recipients of the Sharon Amos Legacy for the Arts. At right is Ben Amos, donor of the bursary fund. (Contributed)

Students receive bursaries from Community Foundation of South Okanagan Similkameen

17 students receive more than $40,000

The Community Foundation of the South Okanagan Similkameen has presented 17 students with bursaries totalling more than $40,000 in its 2021 bursary program.

“This year eight different endowment funds granted bursaries to local students of all ages. These endowment funds have been created by donors who believe in the value of education and its power to improve quality of life for an individual and their family,” said Sarah Trudeau, manager of grants and community initiatives for the community foundation.

While the foundation received fewer applications than in previous years, Trudeau said the need was demonstrated in students’ essays.

“Part of the application process is submitting a personal essay which states the student’s achievements, not only in their schooling but in their personal life,” she said. “These really give insight into what the student has overcome in their life and their future goals.”

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This year, 11 students received the Dr. John & Kathy Scarfo Fund bursaries, which granted each student more than $2,657. These bursaries were awarded to students who live an active and healthy lifestyle and are pursuing education in an effort to improve life for themselves and their families. These recipients are Sofia Terbasket-Funmaker, Marianne McGoran, Zoe Mallach, Coral Ruttan, Sydney Hanson, Abigail Winstone, Jessica ter Wolbeek, Jamison Lois Foster, Matthew Olsen, Holly Atkinson and Lyndzie Caron.

The Sharon Amos Legacy Fund for the Arts, established after the death of community leader, Sharon Amos, awarded bursaries to three students who are pursuing education in the arts. Zoe Mallach, Sophie Robinson and Kaiden Creagh each received $1,000.

The South Okanagan Aboriginal Bursary Fund was established in 2013 to support local Indigenous students. Shortly after the announcement of this new fund, another anonymous donor came forward and donated an additional $10,000. This year, Sofia Terbasket-Funmaker was the sole recipient of the $1,720 award.

The Culver Family Bursary Fund, to support students entering their second year of humanities, awarded $1,400 for Coral Ruttan towards her post secondary schooling.

The Lynn & Brian Jackson Endowment for Fine Arts was established with a $700 bursary to support students who are pursuing an education in fine arts programs. The recipient was Zoe Mallach.

The Charles & Irene Armstrong Bursary, for students pursuing an education to improve their lives and better support their families, presented more than $960 to Matthew Thacker.

The L&R Supplementary Bursary, to support students pursing education to upgrade for employment qualification, presented more than $2,050 to Candice Randall.

The Eva and Herbert Rosinger Fund is a new bursary fund and supports students entering into or continuing studies in engineering or physical sciences and demonstrate financial need. This year’s recipient is Liam Rowan.

“Congratulations to all of this year’s bursary recipients. I encourage everyone to reapply next year when the bursary funding cycle opens again in March of 2022,” said Trudeau.

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