Penticton Museum has put together an exhibit about the history of Ironman in Peach City. (Penticton Museum)

Missing Ironman in Penticton? Museum looks back at history of the triathlon in Peach City

Penticton Museum is inviting everyone to come see the Ironman exhibit

For those missing the excitement of Ironman this weekend, consider visiting the Penticton Museum to reminisce about Ironman’s history in the Peach City.

The Ironman is linked with Penticton’s history in remarkable ways from the organizers to the volunteers to the participants, said the Penticton Museum curators.

“We were sad to hear about the 2023 Ironman being cancelled due to wildfires, especially since our staff dedicated many hours to creating an Ironman exhibit to be on display during the event,” said the Museum in a post on Facebook.

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Last August was the long-awaited return of Ironman to Penticton after a multiple year hiatus.

The race gave Penticton a storybook ending, with Penticton’s own Jeff Symonds taking a commanding lead to come in first place.

The Penticton Museum is inviting everyone to come out to see their Ironman exhibit, featuring medals, plaques, buttons, water bottles, articles and profiles on some of the competitors.

The museum hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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