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Golden hospital fundraising for new equipment

The hospital is looking for a digital microscope system and an upright plasma freezer
Golden & District Hospital. (Google) Golden & District Hospital. (Google)

The lab at the Golden & District Hospital is looking to purchase new equipment.

On the hospital shopping list includes a digital microscope system, an upright plasma freezer and a high performance lab refrigerator.

The microscope has integrate digital technology with high quality microscope optics for a seamless easy-to-use system, says Dr. Daniel Manders.

“This microscope is used to examine urine samples for blood, crystals, and cells. These results are used to help diagnose and monitor patients with kidney disease,” Manders said.

“Our current microscope has aged, and we hope to upgrade to a more efficient and user-friendly device that would be easier for laboratory staff to use.”

While the medical grade -30 C freezers are designed for the unique needs of critical health care applications such as the storage of plasma and other blood components.

“This freezer is a precisely temperature-controlled device used to store plasma,” Manders said.

“Plasma is a component of blood and given to patients to treat severe bleeding in trauma, blood clotting disorders and liver disease.

“Our current freezer requires replacement to ensure continued provision of this life saving blood component.”

Friends of the Golden & District Hospital are hoping to fundraise for this equipment.

Those looking to contribute can go to

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