CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: I missed a meeting

A Christmas reflection from Summerland Alliance Church

By Rick Gay

I’m going to make a confession. Okay. Maybe two or three.

One, I’m older.

Two, technology overwhelms me much of the time. Occasionally I can keep up.

Three, I have three email addresses and I miss emails from time to time.

Like this week. Some friends wanted to meet.

Yesterday. In the morning. I opened their email. Emails actually. Yesterday. Late in the afternoon. I

replied with some of the customary groveling.

And an excuse.

Lame. I know.

There was a meeting some 2,000 years ago.

It was announced several times.

Once by a heavenly choir. Don’t recall if the choir had a name. Hope Road Gospel Choir?

Name rings a bell. Maybe.

A second announcement was also delivered in the night sky.

This time by a star. And not any ordinary star.

And don’t forget all the prophetic announcements made prior to the event. Some 300. Maybe more.

Judging by the pictures on Hallmark Christmas cards or reading the accounts in the Bible, the arrival of the Messiah was missed by some. Perhaps by many or even most.

This Christmas, like most Christmases, there are multiple opportunities to meet the Messiah.

You might even receive an invitation.

It could be delivered by a choir or a sign in the night sky, or, yes, even by email (or text – but that will probably require a follow up article.)

What is interesting is that the Messiah would love to meet you, but it doesn’t have to be in a large group or a medium-size group or even a small group.

It could be one-to-one.

What is important is that the invitation is always open.

You can meet Him anytime and anywhere.

Don’t miss it. Don’t miss Him.

Consider yourself invited.

Rick Gay is the pastor of Summerland Alliance Church.

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