Candidates to speak at election forum

The upcoming federal election on Oct. 19 is of particular importance given the many issues affecting our country.

The upcoming federal election on Oct. 19 is of particular importance given the many issues affecting our country.

In recent weeks topics such as immigration policies, climate change, government transparency, national security and the economy have all been in the news.

The global economy continues to show a stubborn sluggishness that is affecting Canada’s overall economic growth.

It is, therefore, important that all our elected representatives are also aware of the need for policies that focus on the fundamentals of a strong economy and the important role business, in particular small business, plays in this growth.

There are a number of ways that residents can learn what the candidates are thinking.

One very new tool for gaining election information is an app called Vote Note.  The app uses GPS technology to pinpoint riding districts for voters, providing them with candidate names and information, polling station locations and a clock that counts down to election day.  Created by an Ontario journalism student, the app is designed to counter voter apathy by simplifying necessary information.

The Summerland Review is asking questions of all the candidates for the federal parties and publishing answers on their websites and here in the paper.

In addition the Summerland Chamber of Commerce and the Summerland Review are once again co-hosting an All-Candidates forum on Monday, Oct. 5 at Centre Stage.  The doors open at 6 p.m. with speakers beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Candidates participating are as follows: (alphabetically) Dan Albas, Conservative Party; Robert Mellalieu, Green Party;  Karley Scott, Liberal Party; Angelique Wood, New Democratic Party.

We invite the public to submit their questions for candidates by email to John Arendt, editor of the Summerland Review at or to me at no later than Oct. 4. In person questions can be dropped off at the chamber office or at the Review by 4:30 p.m., Oct. 2.  The forum moderator, chamber director, Erick Thompson, and John Arendt at the Summerland Review will choose the questions or create a representative question if there are multiple questions around the same topic.

We look forward to seeing many residents at the forum and hearing the candidates’ perspectives on many issues in the coming weeks.

We always appreciate your feedback.  Please contact me at or our Chamber President, Kelly Marshall, at

Christine Petkau is the executive director of the Summerland Chamber of Commerce.