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Canadian version of ‘Yellowstone’ ranch goes up for auction near Kelowna

The 73,670-acre working ranch is in Beaverdell
“Yellowstone North of 49” is a 5,100 square foot ranch home and is at the forefront complete with bespoke furnishings including restoration hardware, four bedrooms and five bathrooms (Contributed

The hit show Yellowstone may have only come out a couple of years ago, but for the wealthy the luxury ranch market has always been of interest across North America.

A ranch, called “Yellowstone North of 49,” goes up for auction on August 14. The demand for working ranches like this has skyrocketed due to the popularity of Yellowstone.

The sale of “Yellowstone North of 49” is exclusively online, run through the online tender program The program is new and provides buyers with a confidential way to purchase land in western Canada.

The two-hour bidding period begins at 8 a.m.

Buyers from, not only B.C., but parts of the United States like Colorado, California, and Texas are expected to show. is based in Alberta and has 90,000 acres for sale available on its site. It was established by CLH Law of Grande Prairie, which started selling properties for its clients seven years ago.

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Roy Carter, the CEO of, noticed a lot of attention when the site first was launched.

“We quickly found both buyers and sellers like our online escalating tender approach for a lot of reasons, whether it’s for something as large as “Yellowstone North of 49” or something more modest,” said Carter.

Carter found that both buyers and sellers enjoyed the quick, easy version of online bidding, rather than the drawn-out auction process they’re used to.

“Buyers like the certainty and confidentiality of the process, and sellers know they’ll have a decision on sale day,” said Carter.

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