Sue Kline

COLUMN: Definitely not a frittata

Mom made everything from scratch using recipes she recalled from memory.

COLUMN: Food, clothing and shelter

Most Canadian kids expect their parents to provide the basics such as food, clothes, a nice, warm bed and an opportunity to attend school.

Eat, Sleep Read: Escaping the routine

Ever wonder what it would be like to just get in the car and start driving?

COLUMN: Appreciating a good life in Canada

In the summer of 1954, my Dad immigrated to Canada.

COLUMN: Go outside and play

Anyone out there remember life without a television?

Me? Write?

When I was in junior high school I took a creative writing class.

50 Shades of Grey (Zane, that is)

After nearly 25 years of library work, I still find that one of the questions I get asked the most is “Can you help me find a good book?”

Column:Eat Sleep Read – Let’s start over

Sue Kline is the community librarian at the Summerland Branch of the Okanagan Regional Library.

Tinsel, trees and tiresome traditions

Several years ago, all of our grown children brought their partners to Summerland for the holidays.

Librarians Adele Meadow

Bordering on the magnificent

I must admit, most days at the library are pretty great.

Librarians Adele Meadow

New library will have elbow room

As we all know, life can seem to change quickly at times yet meander slowly along at others.