Joanne Malar

Column: Launching factors for high performance

What makes an athlete rise above? What makes one achieve a higher level of performance than other teammates within the same program?

COLUMN: Many involved in Halloween Haunt

On Saturday, Oct. 29, the Summerland Aquatic Centre will be transformed for the Halloween Haunt.

COLUMN: Running in the great outdoors

Running, or should I call it jogging, is one of my favourite activities.

COLUMN: Panelists join health conversations

Sept. 20 was the second of a five-part Film and Conversation series with the goal to engage Summerland on community health.

COLUMN: Aquatic Centre refreshed for September

The Aquatic and Fitness Centre reopened on Monday Sept. 12 after its annual two-week shutdown period for maintenance.

COLUMN: Youth arise and shine at Rio Olympics

As a former Olympic swimmer, it is surreal to watch these two-weeks every quadrennial.

COLUMN: Making Summerland a healthy community

How would you make Summerland healthier? The Summerland Healthy Community Initiative would love to hear your suggestions and insights.

COLUMN: Water safety precautions urged

The Lifesaving Society ran its 2016 National Drowning Prevention Week July 18 to 23.

COLUMN: A destination for recreation

Summerland’s many parks, beaches, mountains, scenic roads and trails make it attractive for many different recreation events.

Giant’s Head Run off to a new start

Mark your calendar. Saturday, June 4, during Action Festival weekend, is the 34th Annual Giant’s Head Run.

Preparing to bike your way into May

Biking season is officially underway, but be sure to take the proper precautions and get your bike prepped for the roads and trails.

Running tips from an Olympian

With the season of spring and summer running races around the corner, who wouldn’t want some running tips from an Olympic runner?

A play prescription for adults

As children, we all desired play time, structured, unstructured, indoors, outdoors, anywhere anytime. As we grow up, we abandon play.

Understanding the power of the mind

It’s difficult to fathom that our thoughts and demands could impact our internal physiology that we cannot see.

Putting motivation on your wrist

It seems like fitness trackers have taken the market by storm, such as Fitbits, Jawbones, and more.

Efforts needed to stick with resolutions

By the time you are reading this article – the percentage of failed New Year’s resolutions is disheartening.

New fitness classes offered

Summerland Recreation is proudly offering a variety of new programs for January 2016. Here are my top five classes that we’d love to fill.

“Use It or Lose It” program gets a boost

There was a mad dash to register for the Use It or Lose It classes last week when the Winter 2016 Recreation Guide came out on Dec. 1.

Giving the gift of health this season

As November approaches the mid-way point, we are also entering the season of giving.

A home run for KidSport

Tyler Evans was pleased to donate $1,200 to the Summerland Chapter of KidSport.