A new trail

The first part of the Trail of the Okanagans, a 1.3-kilometre section, is a short but important piece of the proposed trail system.

United support

Summerlanders have come together in an overwhelming show of support for a family of Syrian refugees.

The cost of sport

Summerland racing driver Sarah Cornett-Ching will compete in the ARCA Racing season this year.

Extending a welcome

When a family of Syrian refugees arrives in Summerland later this month, they will have to adapt to a new country.

Recognizing service

The 77th annual Summerland Business and Community Awards ceremony on Saturday was an opportunity to recognize outstanding efforts.

Balancing the budget

Summerlanders can expect to pay a little more in taxes and utility rates this year.

The love of the game

Summerlanders have shown hockey is important to the community.

A place for the arts

The members of the Summerland Community Arts Council would like to have some permanence.

Providing aid

Although the costs are significant, the Summerland United Church will sponsor a family of Syrian refugees as they relocate to Canada.

Mail thefts

An ongoing rash of mail thefts in Summerland and around the Okanagan Valley should have residents concerned.

Clearing the snow

The municipality’s clearing schedule gives top priority to collector roads, bus routes and possible danger areas.

The value of property

Over the past year property values in Summerland increased significantly.

The need among us

The number of Christmas food hampers distributed in Summerland rose significantly this year.

Avoiding scammers

Scammers continue to target Summerland residents with various offers and requests for cash.

Considering a land plan

Summerland’s controversial land swap application has been withdrawn, but discussions about growth and land use are far from over.

Tough penalties

British Columbia has severe penalties for impaired drivers, but some motorists still get behind the wheel after they have been drinking.

Places for growth

When the new municipal council takes office on Dec. 1, the first order of business will be a resolution to rescind a land application.

The voice of the people

During the election campaign, members of the incoming council promised to act according to the wishes of the public.

Supplying food

Over the past 12 months, 239 Summerland households, representing 557 people, used the Summerland Food Bank at least once.

A time to remember

On Tuesday morning, Summerlanders will gather at the cenotaph in Memorial Park to observe Remembrance Day.