The cost of heritage

While it is easy to talk about the need to preserve heritage buildings, the cost is a significant obstacle.

Private or public

An email sent to each member of council has spread far beyond the intended audience, raising questions about the expectation of privacy.

The value of heritage

Many in the community have raised concerns about the future of the historical Lakeside Presbyterian Church building.

Painting rainbows

Two rainbow crosswalks are intended as a visible reminder of municipal council’s commitment to inclusiveness.

Watching water

Summerland has implemented Stage 2 watering restrictions, even though the municipality has plenty of water in its reservoirs.

A lengthy campaign

The writ has been dropped and Canadians are in for an extremely long campaign period for the Oct. 19 federal election.

The church building at the corner of Butler and Shaughnessy Avenues in Lowertown dates back to 1910. It has been recognized for its heritage value.

Preserving heritage

Concerns have been raised about the possibility that the Lakeside Presbyterian Church building could be lost.

The church building at the corner of Butler and Shaughnessy Avenues in Lowertown dates back to 1910. It has been recognized for its heritage value.

Conserving water

While much of southern B.C. is facing a serious drought this year, Summerland has not had to tighten its water use restrictions.

Clearing smoke

There is a risk of fires from carelessly discarded cigarettes and the problem of unsightly butts littering parks and beaches.

EDITORIAL: Summer of Freedom

Once, again, it’s graduation season, and we are honouring the Class of 2015 from Summerland Secondary

Recovering costs

A billing error put municipal council and staff and the affected electrical users in an uncomfortable situation.

Avoidable accidents

An emergency vehicle stopped on the road with lights flashing should be a sign for motorists to slow down and pass with caution.

The future of the fair

What happens next with the Summerland Fall Fair will depend on the support of the community.

A big transition

The members of the Albetar family from Syria are happy to be in Summerland but the adjustments have been difficult.

Market value

A proposed Sunday market in Summerland has the potential to bring plenty of business into the community.

Wildfire preparations

The mild, dry winter and spring conditions this year mean a significant wildfire season is possible.

Developing skills

For the nine candidates in this year’s Summerland Blossom Pageant, the weekend was a time of excitement and emotion.

An uncertain fair

Organizers of the Summerland Fall Fair must overcome some significant obstacles if the 105-year-old fair is to continue this year.

Harvesting the wind

The construction of new wind farms in British Columbia will provide a clean source of energy to meet the province’s demand for electricity.

Unusual weather

Weather fluctuations are a fact of life for farmers and food producers, but the unusual weather this year is a significant concern.