Promoting local shopping

The Summerland Chamber of Commerce’s new #discoverhome campaign uses video and social media to encourage Summerlanders to shop locally.

Counting costs

If a series of proposed tax and rate increases are approved, it will soon cost more money to live in Summerland.

Attracting families

The school board’s decision to close Trout Creek Elementary School is disappointing, but not surprising.

A difficult choice

The debate leading up to the Okanagan Skaha School Board’s decision on Wednesday evening has been difficult to watch.

An uneasy recognition

When a food bank receives special recognition for its work, the community needs to take notice.

Developing hockey players

For the second year in a row, the Summerland Steam Junior B hockey team are facing the Kelowna Chiefs in the division semifinals.

Restoring a festival

The goal of bringing back the Summerland Fall Fair is admirable and it would benefit the entire community.

Celebrating effort

This year, the Summerland Chamber of Commerce has received 59 nominations for the annual awards presentation.

Delayed decision

A decision on school closures, which had been scheduled for Jan. 20, has been postponed for seven weeks.

Considering closures

One of the hardest realities every elected official must face is the fact that some unpleasant decisions must be made.

The snowfall last week resulted in far too many accidents on Highway 97 and in Summerland.

The snowfall last week resulted in far too many accidents on Highway 97 and in Summerland.

No easy answers

Complex problems seldom have easy answers, and the challenges facing the Okanagan Skaha School board are extremely complex.

Addressing poverty

During the festive season, Summerlanders show their generosity with donations to food drives and seasonal gift drives.

Energy efficiency

The efficient design elements incorporated into Jai Zachary’s Revolution unit will soon be demonstrated in the Arctic.

Controlling cougars

Throughout British Columbia, interactions between people and wildlife are a fact of life.

Doing business

There’s a renewed focus on business in Summerland these days.

Moving forward

Now that the dust has begun to settle following the 42nd Canadian federal election, it is time to move on to the future of the country.

Time for a decision

If previous trends continue, a significant number of eligible voters will not show up at the polls.

Considering culture

Members of the municipality’s Cultural Plan Task Force are asking the public for their thoughts on Summerland’s culture.

Tourism promotion

When Canadians tuned in to watch The Amazing Race Canada last week, they saw some of the tourism opportunities available in Summerland.