Dan Albas

Diverse opinions on parks and pensions

Constituents have lots to say about Jasper Park and public sector spending.

Economic strategy created new jobs

The federal government's economic action plan has helped to create a positive economic and investment environment.

Bad information circulating about Jasper Park

I am quickly learning that online information is something that needs to be scrutinized very carefully.

Twelve months of political change

2011 saw European sovereign debt crisis, Arab spring and the political gridlock in the United States.

Reflecting on historic changes

Late last week the House of Commons rose from the final sitting of the year and will resume again in late January of 2012.

Misinformation on Bill C-10 abounds

In my time as a Member of Parliament I have observed that when there is a lack of information that void is filled with misinformation.

Bill addresses economy and jobs

This week is the Parliamentary Thanksgiving break week with Parliament not sitting again until Monday, Oct. 17.

Challenges ahead to face debt crisis

With the house now fully back in session, it has been another whirlwind week in Ottawa.

Considering pensions and Internet crime

Over the past few weeks I have greatly appreciated hearing from many citizens who have taken the time share concerns with me.

Understanding credit and gas prices

In last week’s report I raised the topic of debt and government spending. Since that time, Standard and Poor’s has taken the unprecedented move of lowering the United States credit rating.

Resolving the postal impasse

Dan Albas is the MP for Okanagan Coquihalla.

Census, gas prices and Stock’s legacy

I believe it is important that as members of Parliament we not only listen to the concerns of the citizens who elect us, but also that we share those concerns in Ottawa as well.

Budget examines retirement issues

In the past five days of the 41st Parliament, I have voted…