Dan Albas

Examining options for democratic reform

Democracy is a way of life that we as Canadians value dearly and have protected this principle for almost 150 years.

Pondering medical assistance in dying

Recently the Liberal government introduced that legislation and as this has generated a significant amount of feedback from citizens

Bailing out banks in times of crisis

I have covered several concerns related to the recent 2016 Federal Budget and in turn have received some excellent feedback.

A closer look at the 2016 federal budget

Last week the Liberal government tabled the first budget for the 42nd Parliament in Ottawa.

Federal politicians prepare for constituency week

The House of Commons will resume next week for a three-week session until the next constituency week.

Examining the impact of trade

For a variety of reasons the subject of international trade has been prominent in federal politics over this past week.

Government brings refugees to Canada

The timeline to relocate 25,000 refugees prior to the end of 2015 will not be met.

Responding to concerns after attacks

Since I was first elected as a Member of Parliament in 2011, I have submitted an MP report in an effort to better communicate with citizens.

Reform Act on the agenda

All major parties have now had their first full caucus meetings in Ottawa.

Changes in representation in Ottawa

The interior of B.C. now has four new and two returning Members of Parliament.

Reflecting on the federal election

In roughly three week’s time Canadians will gather to honour those who made the supreme sacrifice in defence of freedom and democracy.

Dan Albas: Addressing the Senate issue

One question that I heard from many citizens this year is “Why don’t we abolish the Senate?”

Senate audit is tabled

The issue that is dominating most of the media spotlight is the recently released audit of the Senate from the Office of the Auditor General

Reconciliation solutions are needed

One event of interest are ceremonies related to the release of the summary report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Program to help Canadian Forces members

I can now provide more information on the program that I referenced in last week `s MP report.

MPs will visit their constituents

This week is the final constituency week before the House of Commons adjourns in late June.

King of Jordan’s visit part of a busy week

One thing that can be said about events on Parliament Hill is that no two weeks are ever the same.

Understanding Canada’s international relationships

This week Canada hosted Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India for an official visit.

Vigorous debates on Parliament Hill

While the overnight temperature in Ottawa continues to be well below zero, the temperature inside the house has been steadily rising.

Victims of crime must not be forgotten

In 1997 a criminal was released on parole only to promptly skip his curfew at a half-way house in Calgary.