Carla McLeod

Women stepped up to fitness goal

When a local women’s fitness centre closed its doors in January of 2012, many of the members wanted to keep it going.

Barbecue raises money for food bank

The Summerland IGA held a fundraising barbecue on Saturday afternoon.

Expanded library branch opens

After years of waiting, those who lobbied for a new library in Summerland have finally seen their hopes and dreams come to fruition.

Okos builds and restores instruments

Music is the gift that Bill Okos brings to the world as he builds and restores musical instruments.

Mountain bike test supports charity work

The Test of Humanity is all about giving. This is evident by the many volunteers, organizations, businesses and participants.

Coates guides historic steam train

People often say to Brad Coates “you have the best job in the world. You get to drive that old train and blow the whistle!”

Family hosts out-of-town hockey players

For the third year now, the Van Alphens have welcomed Summerland Steam hockey players into their home.

Instructor taught computer skills

Doug van Vianen has enjoyed spending his working and retirement years, teaching others how to use the computer.

Fire ban continues during dry summer

All open fires — including campfires — are prohibited throughout the Kamloops Fire Centre, which includes Summerland.

Roberge recalls Summerland’s past

Born and raised in Summerland, Maureen Roberge has fond memories of her life here.

Police warn of addictive drug

The alarm has been raised recently about a drug called fentanyl, which is causing disability and death due to overdose.

Sunday markets

Customers stroll Main Street on Sunday during the weekly Sunday markets.

Thorburn involved in volunteer work

Involved in many projects, Barbara Thorburn played a key role in the birthing of the Philosophers’ Café.

Church building has a long history

The future of the Lakeside Presbyterian Church is somewhat up in the air at the moment.

Drying fruit

Over the years cherry growers have planted varieties of fruit, that ripen later, such as the Skeena and Lapins cherry.

Club members promote collector cars

The provincial government has proclaimed July 11 and the month of July, as Collector Car Appreciation Day and Month.

Province, municipality partner on pathway

Cyclists, walkers and joggers in Summerland will have a safe place to enjoy their activities on a 1.3-kilometre paved pathway.

Canada Day in the park

The Summerland Legion, along with their community partners organized the Canada Day celebrations held in the community last Wednesday.

Small group makes a big difference

The passion of a group dedicated to promoting the Summerland Rodeo Grounds more than makes up for their lack of numbers.

Club built trails on Giant’s Head

The members of the Jolly Boys Club were instrumental in attracting tourists to Giant’s Head Mountain.