Carla McLeod

Motorcycle tested at salt flats

The Black AJS Racing Gang, describe themselves as “gear-heads,” guys who like anything with motors and wheels.

Teens get start in farm work

For generations the agriculture industry in Summerland has provided young people the opportunity of having a first job.

Summerland equestrian competed at Olympics

The Olympic Games are a celebration of sport and Therese Washtock knows the kind of “sweat and determination” it takes to get there.

Marjorie Campbell enjoys good memories of Summerland

When Marjorie Campbell first visited Summerland, she was an 18-year-old bride on her honeymoon.

Summerland Horseshoe Club marks 60 years

The Summerland Horseshoe Club is turning 60 years old this summer.

Linnea Good encourages love of music

Summerland musician's goal is to be a “musical instigator” and to make music accessible to all.

Bernhardt honoured for service

Being a Canadian means everything to 95-year-old Charlie Bernhardt.

Davis involved in volunteer efforts

For Connie Davis, volunteering is a good health formula.

Visually impaired artist paints

Can someone who is visually impaired be taught to paint a picture? Janna Reid thought not, but Tammy Jackson said otherwise.

Summerland girl proves you are never too young to care

11-year-old Jessica Pugh has been growing her hair out for a couple of years, waiting for it to get long enough, only to have it cut off.

Dixon involved with Agur Lake Camp

The Agur Lake Camp Society held their Visitor/Learn to Fish Day last Saturday and Keith Dixon of Summerland was shown how to cast a line.

Layton has enjoyed long life in Summerland

If you were to ask Audrey Layton how she feels about her life in Summerland, she would say “long.”

Class holds Get Active marathon

Summerland Secondary School’s Civics 11 Class is holding a Get Active Marathon as a fundraiser to help support a Syrian family.

Gottwald receives crown at Summerland Blossom Pageant

the 46th annual Summerland Blossom Pageant was held on the weekend of May 6 and 7 at Centre Stage Theatre.

Household garbage cleaned up

It is distressing that there are still people who feel they are entitled to dump their garbage in the wilderness.

Help provided to neighbours in need

Summerland is a town where people don’t hesitate to help each other. This is something outsiders take note of and residents appreciate.

Scott works as habitat biologist

Even though Lisa Scott wasn’t sure in what direction her education would take her, she knew that she wanted to make a difference.

Kanaan helps refugees transition

Earlier this year, Ayman Kanaan was nominated for the Summerland Citizen/Volunteer of the Year Award.

Training provided lifesaving skills

If someone next to you collapsed from a cardiac arrest would you know what to do, or would you remain a bystander?

Pastor couple involved in community

For Christians the world over, Easter is a time to reflect on Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.