Bill Barisoff

Two sides to tax issue

Transition back to Provincial Sales Tax requires good communication between government and taxpayers.

Looking back on legislative service

For the first time I am writing this report on a Friday, the day after the 39th Parliament of the B.C. Legislature sat for the last time.

Research centre needs serious debate

It is often said that election time brings out the “silly season” in our electoral process.

Changes coming to health care

I recently referenced the 2013 MSP Premiums that will increase by $2.50 a month for an individual who is not on premium assistance.

Addressing child poverty issues

Recently the First Call organization released the annual report card on child poverty.

Tourism, disease testing and bullying

Tourism is an important industry both at the provincial level and also locally here in the Okanagan region.

Teamwork needed to reach goals

I very rarely mention letters to the editor but a recent local letter is deserving of comment.

Extra term to see projects through

When I put my name forward to run in the 2005 provincial general election, I did so with the intent that it would serve as my final term.

Gaming handouts detailed

Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch has a new website.

A change in the sales tax structure

When the move to the HST was first announced, in the early days the reaction by most citizens was fairly muted.

Hockey and motorcycle safety

There is something to be said when members of a community have an opportunity to come together and celebrate success and achievement.

Looking back at previous South Okanagan projects

It is often said that hindsight is 20-20 and even more so in government as initiatives would be viewed differently today than in the past.

Trail improvements get provincial funds

A funding announcement is close for upgrades to a rail trail in the South Okanagan.

Funding will protect B.C.’s heritage buildings

The community of Peachland is working to to renovate one of Peachland’s most iconic heritage buildings

Understanding Bill 22

This week is one of those few times when the B.C. Legislature is in session and at the moment classes all across British Columbia are not.

Civil forfeiture, liquor and cherries

Before I begin this week I would like to take a moment to share the reasons as to why I compose these reports on a weekly basis.

Positives in education overlooked

Good things are happening for education in the South Okanagan.

Grant funding budget increasing

The annual gaming grant budget will rise to $135 million annually.

Looking at health care in 2012

MLA says health spending now represents roughly 42 per cent of the entire B.C. budget.

Changing the Strata Property Act

A little less than a year ago in my previous MLA reports, I discussed pending changes to the Strata Property Act.