Allyssa Hooper

COLUMN: Warm weather bringsout Toyokoro traditions

Allyssa Hooper is in Summerland’s sister city of Toyokoro, Japan.

Coping with earthquakes in Japan

I’m sure all of you have heard about the earthquakes that have occurred in Kumamoto, Japan earlier this month.

Inside Japan’s health care system

Last week, I unfortunately had the opportunity to experience Japanese health care.

Holiday traditions differ in Toyokoro

Happy New Year from Toyokoro, Japan! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays this year.

Differences observed in Japanese schools

In light of the possible school closures in the Okanagan Skaha School District, I thought I would talk about the school system in Japan.

Halloween a new concept in Japan

Over the past month I had the opportunity to celebrate and teach my students in Toyokoro about Halloween.

Learning Taiko drumming in Toyokoro

The past month in Toyokoro has been really busy and a lot of fun.

Summer holidays have ended in Toyokoro

All of the summer festivals are finished and the weather is becoming a little colder with lots of rain and thunderstorms.

Adjusting to life in a Japanese town

I am finally settled into my new position as the assistant English teacher in Toyokoro, japan.