Penticton Herald sports editor Dave Crompton and Summerland Review editor John Arendt work out in preparation for the Giants Head Run June 2. They’ve challenged each other for the run which takes place during Action Fest.

Three decades of shirts for runners

For the past 30 years, participants in the Giant’s Head Run have received a commemorative shirt.

For the past 30 years, participants in the Giant’s Head Run have received a commemorative shirt.

Each year the shirt is dated, has a unique design and is a new color.

Now what does the Giant’s Head Run shirt mean to participants?

It can mean a number of things. For some people it is accomplishing an annual goal of completing either a 5.4-kilometre or 10-kilometre event.

Each year’s goal could be to improve on their time, to complete, or maybe to run more than walk or to include more members of their family or friends.

For some participants wearing the Giant’s Head Run shirt is the satisfaction of knowing that they are part of an event that is the largest number of people running at one time in Summerland.

The Giant’s Head Run has been making history and it has become a tradition for many families.

People have participated when they were very young children and now they participate as a parent with their children.

I am sure that many of these shirts have travelled the world and people have worn them proudly.

Participants are encouraged to register before May 25 for early bird fees.

Ongoing registration takes place up to race day, June 2 at the Aquatic and Fitness Centre or on-line at

If anyone has a question or would like further information about the Giant’s Head Run please stop in at the Aquatic and Fitness Centre.

By the way, the Giant’s Head Run is the run segment of the Man of Steel Triathlon.

The triathlon starts at 7 a.m. on Saturday with the cycle segment, the swim at the pool starts at 9 a.m. and the events finish with the run at 6 p.m.

SummerlandAction Festival is June 1 , 2  and 3.

Brenda Ingram is the Programs and Facility Manager for the District of Summerland and proud to be a long-time resident of this great community.