League scores and game summaries from Summerland.


Summerland Curling Club

Results March 6 to 10

Monday morning senior men: Rick Drewnisz defeated Warren Parker, Dennis Grant defeated Hector Cartier, Stan Green defeated Jim Hancharyk, Paul Cowen defeated Paul Martin.

Monday evening men: Rob Robinson defeated Steve Clement, Mike Rudniski defeated Bruce Dacre, Dale Abrey defeated Ken Rae, Don Lawrence defeated Roland Dheilly.

Tuesday morning mixed: John Gregg defeated Jerry Lidin, Horst Sandkuhler tied Kathy Larkin, Bill Penman defeated Mike Karpan, Hector Cartier defeated Barb Ezart.

Tuesday evening ladies: Bev Skinner defeated Tracia Mayea, Gail Ostaficiuk defeated Judy Beck, Diane Krancenblum defeated Betty Raymond.

Wednesday morning senior men: Dennis Grant defeated Stan Green, Paul Cowen defeated Jerry Lidin, Horst Sandkuhler defeated Hector Cartier, Jim Coutts defeated John Nicolson.

Wednesday evening men: Gary Raymond defeated John Fitzgerald, Tony Costa defeated Glen Brennan, Stan Green defeated John Gregg, Dale Abrey defeated Gary Wingerak.

Thursday morning ladies: RoseMarie Fenrich defeated Marilyn Cahoon, Barb Ezart defeated Ev Gillespie, Kathy Larkin defeated Diana Leitch.

Thursday evening open: John McKay defeated John Egyed, Tony Blashko defeated Gary Raymond, Glen Brennan defeated Eric Johnson, Russ Lemke defeated Jeff Goodis, Armand Houle defeated Dale Abrey.

Friday morning skins: Dennis Grant defeated Jim Hancharyk, Art Lappalainen defeated Dale Abrey, Glen Brennan defeated Warren Parker.

Friday evening mixed: John Fitzgerald defeated Tracy Cahoon, Steve Callaghan defeated Al Carter, Cliff Rose tied Gerald Jackson, Dave Hood defeated Steve Penich.

Friday late evening: Cliff Last defeated Al Tower, Brian Budzinski defeated Dan Laktin.

Tip of the week: If a stone does not completely cross the far hog line that stone is removed. If a stone comes into contact with a stone that is barely across the far hog line it is still in play.


Summerland Figure Skating Club

Skaters from Summerland brought home medals after they participated in the two recent competitions.

The Okanagan Regional Championships were held in Penticton Feb. 17 to 19. A total of 16 Summerlanders participated.


Brooke Mide: Star 2 silver ribbon

Sara Goodall: Star 2 silver ribbon

Emily Goodall: Star 2 bronze ribbon

Brin Young: Star 3 gold ribbon

Danica Hipolito- Star 3 Silver ribbon

Erin Hipolito: Star 4 U13 6th place

Jenna Bordeleau: Star 4 Over 13s sixth place

Katie Portman: Star 4 Over 13s seventh place

Lauren Bitte: Star 5 U13 first place / P.B score 16.80

Jocelyn Erdt: Star 5 U13 second place

Cyan Nickel: Star 5U13 fifth place

Keelyn Mitchell- Star 5 U13 sixth place

Kaylee Fortunato- Star 5 U13 10th place

Saki Smith: Star 6 1st place, Star 7 third place

Patricia Fortunato- Star 7 4th place, Star 8 fifth place

Sabrina Fortunato- Star 9 third place, Gold ladies fourth place

In addition, 13 Summerland skaters competed at the Super Series Finals in Kelowna on the weekend of March 3 to 5.


Sara Goodall: Star 3 bronze ribbon

Emily Goodall: Star 3 bronze ribbon

Lacey Doerksen: Star 3 silver ribbon

Erin Hipolito: Star 4 14th place

Danica Hipolito: Star 4 10th place

Kaylee Fortunato: Star 5 28th place

Jocelyn Erdt: Star 5 17th place

Lauren Bitte: Star 5 4th place

Cyan Nickel: Star 5 27th place

Keelyn Mitchell: Star 5 29th place

Saki Smith: Star 6 5th place

Patricia Fortunato: Star 7 9th place / Star 8 12th place

Sabrina Fortunato: Star 9 12th/ Gold ladies 14th place