Runners compete in cross-country race

A total of 193 runners took part in the Summerland Sweets 7.4K and the TriPower 3.2K races held Oct. 2.

Pascal Benoit and Arlo Kast sprint to the finish line in the TriPower 3.2K race. The cross-country race was held earlier this month at the Summerland Rodeo Grounds.

A total of 193 runners took part in the Summerland Sweets 7.4K and the TriPower 3.2K races held Oct. 2 near the Rodeo Grounds on the Trans Canada Trail.

Among the participants, 107 took on the longer distance and 86 the shorter.

Top male in the 7.4K category was Braden Kersey (M1-15) from Vernon in a time of 28:15, while Chantal Jeffrey (F1-15) from Blind Bay was top female in 32:54.

In the 3.2K race, the top overall runners were Mitchell Bond (M10-12) from Vernon in a time of 13:15 and Tayla Ingram (F10-12) from Summerland crossed the line in 14:04.

Female Summerland competitors in the 7.4K who placed in the top five in their respective age categories are: Delaney Sorensen, third (F1-15) 45:57; Haley Berrisford, first (F16-19) 39:06; Sophie Cormillot second (F16-19) 40:39; Erin Trainer, second (F30-34) 38:34; Janine Jell, second (F35-39) 36:12; Jenny Mitchell, third (F35-39) 36:18; Linnea McDermid, fourth (F35-39) 39:52;  Joanne Malar, first (F40-44) 36:56; Susan Kast fifth (F40-44) 43:36;  Cathy Harrold, first (F45-49) 36:01; Alana Buckingham, fifth (F45-49) 41:27; Sandra Varchol, second (F55-59) 39:41; Colleen Power, fourth (F55-59) 40:54; Dolly Abney, fifth (F55-59) 42:25.

Male runners from Summerland who placed in the top five in their age categories in the 7.4K are: Keagan Ingram, second (M1-15) 29:41; Noah Russill , fifth (M1-15) 35:24; Michael Owen, first (M30-34) 31:00; Shaun Bergen, second (M35-39) 31:35; Darryl Borland, fourth (M45-49) 36:55; Erick Thompson; fifth (M45-49) 37:28; Michael Berrisford, second (M50-54) 33:29; Carlos Neves, fifth (M50-54) 40:52; Brian Salter, third (M55-59) 39:53; Steve Buzikievich; second (M60-64) 35:49; Don Abney; fourth (M60-64) 41:52; Patrick Amundsen, fifth (M60-64) 43:41.

In the 3.2K race the following Summerland runners came in the top five of their age categories: Simon Bergen, second (M10-12) 13:15; Tayla Ingram, first (F10-12) 14:04; Isaac Bergen, third (M10-12) 14:08; Pascal Benoit, fourth (M10-12) 14:55; Arlo Kast, fifth (M10-12) 14:58; Olivia Harrold, first (F13-15) 16:01; Alistair Martin first (M1-9) 16:08; Emily Jell, second (F10-12) 16:16; Isla Kast, first (F1-9) 16:41; Maximilian Patenaude, third (M1-9) 17:09; Rupert Haverkamp, fourth (M1-9) 18:09; Carmen Harrold; fifth (F10-12) 18:47; Katie Jell, fifth (F1-9) 20:25; Sylvie Cormillot, fourth (F13-15) 24:06.

For the second year in a row the TriPower Triathlon Club won the team events for both races quite handily.

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