Surgery wait lists are upsetting

Lengthy hospital wait lists are a problem in Canada

Dear Editor:

I for one am very concerned about our health care system.

To see that Canada is at the bottom of the list for surgeries of any kind is very upsetting.

I have worked in the health care field for over 50 years and I have never seen this problem so bad. And yes, it is getting worse.

I would have never thought I would have to wait two to five years, even for a knee surgery. I have personally ben waiting over two years for a knee replacement.

Who is to blame, or who can we blame? Doctors? Hospitals? Government? Lack of communication?

I personally know how hard doctors and nurses work as I have worked alongside them most of my life.

We as Canadians need to stand up for ourselves.

Myself personally, I am so tired of living in pain.

Lorraine Harris