Not all have safe drinking water

In 150 communities, people must boil water every day

Dear Editor:

I enjoyed Kim Lawton’s guest column regarding the water shutoff.

What was missing was acknowledgement that not all Canadians enjoy safe drinking water.

Now that we have had to boil water for a couple of weeks, perhaps we will have more compassion for the residents of some 150 communities who must boil their water every day.

Nearly 100 of those communities have been under a boil water advisory for more than a year, one community for more than 20 years. That is a shameful fact in Canada, where we think of ourselves as being caring citizens.

We have failed our First Nations in more than one way.

I have written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Carolyn Bennett of Indigenous and Northern Affairs urging them to make haste to correct this situation. Won’t you join me? If even one more person sends a letter it will strengthen the message.

Here are their addresses: and

Thank you for working to right a major wrong.

Kathryn McCourt