LETTER: Questions about compost facility

Dear Editor:

Respectfully, I would like to respond to the Aug. 31 letter to the editor from Alicia Nightingale.

I share Ms. Nightingales passion to make our earth a cleaner home, and that we all have to take responsibility for the waste we create.

Most importantly, myself and other concerned Summerland citizens have been actively seeking information about the Regional District’s proposal to site a sewage and compost facility in Summerland.

At three council meetings, I have asked for council to appoint a representative as a liaison with concerned citizens to learn the facts about a Regional Facility on Summerland land and have written letters with others requesting information. I have received no reply.

Summerland residents and myself organized a citizens meeting on Aug. 24 to address the lack of information, concerns, and the hurry to pass a motion on Aug. 28 to allow the RDOS access to Summerland land for tests. Tests for what?

Ms. Nightingale, I would welcome your help in this matter. Would you visit the www.summerland.ca web site and read the letters to council?

Would you visit the www.rdos.bc.ca web site and go to the Interoffice Memorandum, May 3, 2017; to the District of Summerland; from Cameron Baughen, RDOS solid waste management co-ordinator. It states:

“Staff of the District of Summerland have asked for an explanation of the perceived benefits of a Regional Compost facility at lands adjacent to the Summerland Landfill. This memo is intended to explain these benefits and how concerns raised by local residents can be addressed.”

In this memo you will read:

“The upgrading of North Prairie Valley Road would be the responsibility of the District of Summerland.”

“Approximately three full-time jobs and several part time jobs are expected once the site is operational. Most in vessel compost systems rely on computer monitors allowing for a limited number of Staff but 24-hour monitoring.”

Then in the Aug. 31 Summerland Review, Mayor Peter Waterman states: “The RDOS would have to consider upgrading the road…and ensure safety aspects… As far as I am concerned, we are in a position to get a pretty good situation going for Summerland as well as solving a major problem for the RDOS… It’s a win-win all the way around.”

Which is it, who pays for road upgrades?

Ms. Nightingale, would you write to Mayor Waterman and council and request a public meeting for all Summerland residents to learn the facts, address our questions and concerns, and listen to all points of view before any permission is granted to the RDOS to further their agenda above that of our community?

Due process is Mayor Waterman’s first priority to Summerland citizens.

Kathy Smith