Bringing in the bus

Bus service between Summerland and Penticton could be running in a year.

After years of waiting, a regularly scheduled transit system could soon be a reality for Summerland.

The service, which could be in place within a year, is badly needed as a link between Summerland and Penticton.

Considering the number of Summerlanders who work in Penticton and the number of Penticton residents who work in Summerland, a transit service would add some convenience.

For those who want to go into Penticton for a movie or a special event, the service would provide a badly needed link. Likewise, when Summerland holds a festival, concert or play, transportation from Penticton would make a lot of sense.

Furthermore, there are services and specialized businesses available in Penticton but not in Summerland.

At present, getting to Penticton involves a drive of around 20 kilometres. It is not that much for those who drive, but it is a significant obstacle for youths who do not yet have their licenses and for those who, for any number of reasons, are not able or willing to drive.

The need for a bus service should be apparent.

Making the service a reality will present its own challenges.

Without regular runs throughout the day and on the weekend, the service could quickly prove impractical for many potential users.

At the same time, the costs of providing the service must be considered. A transit service is not cheap and the costs increase the more frequently the bus runs.

It is important to come up with a schedule which will allow for a transit service which is both affordable and workable.

Unless the service can work with the schedules of potential transit users, it will not be seen as a viable transportation alternative.