Beyond Earth Week

Summerland has one of the largest Earth Week celebrations in Canada

There’s no shortage of special events to mark Earth Week in Summerland this year.

Organizers have planned numerous presentations, talks, tours, information sessions and family-friendly events to mark the week.

The result is a busy week, with plenty of focus on a number of important environmental issues.

Summerland has one of the largest Earth Week celebrations in Canada, with more activities planned here than in many larger centres.

Some of the events, especially the community clean-up initiatives and the enhancement of the creekside area at the Adams Bird Sanctuary on Sunday, show the importance of the environment for us here in Summerland.

The enhancement work at the bird sanctuary is an opportunity to see the presence of a unique habitat in our community.

The clean-up projects, along with the bags of garbage collected afterward, show the impact we can have on our environment.

Today’s actions, whether good or bad, can have long-lasting effects.

The Earth Week events are important as they can raise awareness and generate discussion about environmental issues.

However, awareness by itself is not enough.

The goal of the various Earth Week events should be to create changes in behaviour and changes in the way we make decisions.

Summerlanders have already been moving in this direction. Environmental concerns are often raised during discussions about development, community planning and the quality of life in Summerland.

This focus needs to continue if we, our children and our grandchildren are to continue to have a healthy environment in which to live.