Year In Review — Innovations presented in 2012

New ideas and innovations from Summerland were showcased in 2012.

New ideas and innovations from Summerland were showcased in 2012.

In January, Jai Zachary presented the Revolution, a unit which combines hot water heating, space heating, air conditioning and backup electricity into one unit.

By combining these services, he said it is possible to generate electricity and feed it into the power grid.

A prototype was installed at one Summerland home and in October, during a lengthy power outage, the home continued to have electricity while the rest of the community was in the dark.

In May, four Summerland firefighters presented a rescue device to the panel of business experts at the Dragon’s Den television show.

Billy Boerboom, Duncan Dubé, assistant fire chief Chad Gartrell and John Gove designed the portable device to assist with rescue work.

The traditional rescue method of dragging a fallen firefighter out of a building is difficult since the oxygen tanks and protective gear add close to 25 kilograms to the total weight.

In July, Rick Shervey, director of Pro-Active Safety Systems Technologies Inc., demonstrated a wireless safety device for workplaces.

The device uses radio frequency identification technologies to track precise movements of works and equipment in order to alert workers when they are too close to mobile equipment.

Shervey said the device could have prevented deaths in the forest industry and other industries.