Summerland Credit Union members examine the completed work inside the building at the corner of Jubilee Road East and Victoria Road North. The building was officially reopened on Saturday.

Credit Union expansion completed

After 15 months of construction, the extensive renovation work at the Summerland Credit Union has been completed.

After 15 months of construction, the extensive renovation work at the Summerland Credit Union has been completed.

The plans called for expanding the building from around 930 square metres to around 1,125 square metres.

The footprint of the building increased by less than 47 square metres, but the changes allowed for plenty of additional space inside. The main floor as well as the upstairs floor area was increased.

Sandy Berry and Carsten Nielsen, board members of the Credit Union acted as general contractors for the project.

Berry said the changes included extensive electrical, heating, IT and energy efficiency upgrades throughout the building.

He described the completed facility as a new building within the framework of an older building.

In depth planning began three years ago, when Summerland Financial Services and McBain Insurance relocated to offices separate from the Credit Union.

The cost of the work was around $2.1 million and was financed from capital reserves.

The work was undertaken to accommodate a steady increase in business and align the building with corporate strategic objectives.

Since the last renovation more than 15 years ago, the Credit Union’s assets have doubled, Nielsen said.

Most of the construction work was done by local contractors, 87 per cent of the money spent was for locally-based trades workers and businesses.

“We’re really strong believers in supporting the community as much as we can,” he said.

Nielsen said the local component shows the quality of trades work in the community.

“We have the talent in Summerland to handle these large projects,” he said.

Bill Yargeau, building contractor for the project said the people working on the construction took pride in their workmanship.

The branch remained open to the membership for during the renovation project. The staff worked closely with Canyon View Construction to complete the project with the least possible amount of disruption.

“I’m sure it must have been a challenge for members, staff and our building contractor” Berry said. “They’ve been top-notch.”

The grand reopening took place Saturday afternoon. More than 600 people attended the event and enjoyed a barbecue lunch and tours of the credit union. Music was provided by Kirk Dixon and Fat Cat and Trixie the Clown were on hand to entertain the children.