School project nominated for international award

A Summerland project has been nominated in a global intergenerational competition.

A project in the offing for schools in Summerland at Retirement Concepts Seniors’ Village has  been selected in the top five in an international competition for the most Innovative Intergenerational Solidarity initiative.

The Meadows School Project ( was judged in June, along with projects from around the world, by world health care researchers and international seniors’ advocates.

This week, founder of the project, Sharon MacKenzie, former teacher and now assisting Retirement Concepts as Intergenerational consultant, is in Istanbul, Turkey to do the final presentation and learn the results of the competition.

The Meadows School Project ran for eight years in Vernon before rolling into a  second phase in Williams Lake with Cataline School and Williams Lake Seniors Village.

This project sees a class of intermediate students move into a makeshift classroom at the seniors’ residence for two full months of the school year.

Based on the successful concept of immersion used for the understanding of French, Meadows School Project allows students and older adult residents to share curriculum studies, community service and building one-on-one relationships.

They immerse in the lives of each other to build intellectual understanding and empathy.

Teacher Jessa Accuri from Summerland Middle School has been supported by Principal Jason Corday,  students, parents , Summerland Seniors’ Village staff and residents over the past years in developing monthly visitations that build understanding and respect between the generations.

Last semester Accura’s students and the Summerland Seniors Village Residents celebrated their successes at building respectful bridges between two generations with a barbecue on June 1st Intergenerational Day Canada.

It is anticipated that this school year another Summerland teacher and class will step through the door opened by Accura and her classes to start Summerland’s first Meadows School Project.

The results of the world competition which includes the UN World Health Organization representatives, will be announced next week.