Bernie and Barbara Robert

Ownership changes at fruit stand

A fruit stand with a long history has changed ownership.

A fruit stand with a long history has changed ownership.

Gary and Doreen McConnell and their son Brad and his family have purchased Robert’s Fruit Market and Orchard on Highway 97.

In 1929, Bill  and Mildred McClure purchased the property surrounded by Hospital Hill, Bristow Road and Gulch Road. They farmed 6.5 hectares during the depression and planted fruit trees, tomatoes and melons.

Times were hard so in 1949 they sold off 0.2-hectare lakeview lots for $1,000 each. Early residents included Dr. Blanchard Munn, Gordon Smith, the Manders family, Ballantynes and Spencers.

In 1955, part of the land was used by highways for the new road.

In 1960, they established the fruit stand and operated it until 1972 when their daughter Barbara, her husband Bernie and their children David and Mark bought it.

In 1983, a new fruit stand was built and flourished as Robert’s Fruit Market and Orchard.

The new owners are long-time orchardists in Summerland and are known in the farming community.

Barbara and Mark Robert thank friends and customers who have supported them over the years.