Nominees sought for Arts Appreciation Award

The Summerland Community Arts Council is seeking nominations for the annual Arts Appreciation Award.

The Summerland Community Arts Council is seeking nominations for the annual Arts Appreciation Award which will be presented in April at the finale of Arts and Culture Week.

This award is to recognize a person who has promoted or enhanced the arts in our community.

Now many of us can probably think of a number of painters, musicians or perhaps even a sculptor or two in our community who has really promoted the arts in Summerland.

But nominees do not have to be artists. They can be anyone who has helped make the arts more vibrant in our town.

So who would you nominate?

Perhaps the person who has put up posters promoting Ballet Kelowna for the last 10 years. Or maybe someone who volunteers at the Art Gallery so it can remain open for visitors. Or maybe the person who faithfully takes billets every year for the Good Will Shakespeare Festival.

Whomever it is please drop off your suggestions at the Arts Centre before March 31.

And yes, the Good Will Shakespeare Festival is again looking for billets so if you can provide a place for a student to sleep, give them breakfast and an evening snack please call Nancy at 250-494-9871 and help make this May’s Good Will Shakespeare Festival better than ever.

If you want to see art in action there is currently no better place than the Adams Room at the Summerland Art Centre.

Drop by 9533 Main St. and discover a beehive of activity as Summerland residents of all ages begin the annual painting of the street banners.

You’ll find artists of all ages having a wonderful time creating the colourful banners that will soon be brightening the streets of downtown and Lowertown.

These are the banners that cause kids to say “that banner was painted by a girl in my class” thus giving them a sense of greater attachment to their town.

And, of course, these are the banners that when taken down in the fall are sold by auction and end up on carports and decks bringing brightness to homes throughout Summerland.

And while you are in the building be sure to visit the Main Gallery with its new show featuring some beautiful metal and glass sculpture with recycled materials by rabi’a and Carl Schlichting.

If you know of an event you feel should be included in the Arts Palette or on the Arts Council’s online calendar, please email or call 250-494-8994. and

David Finnis is the president of the Summerland Community Arts Council.