LETTER: Thoughts on the Banks Crescent proposal

Developer should try for another location in Summerland

Dear Editor:

Re the new Banks Crescent proposal.

The plan calls for higher buildings. How equipped is our fire department to handle this? It’s costly to get new equipment.

Good construction jobs — but what pay is proposed for the 100 permanent jobs. No union, so no medical, pension etc. They will probably be mostly minimum wage.

Why is Lark so loathe or slow to answer the queries from the hatchery? This is a pivotal concern. I would say no go if the fishery is not assured.

This is an interesting project, but not in the Banks Crescent location.

I loved the blue sky in the architect’s drawing. The background should probably be clay and sand cliffs.

Please, mayor and council, see the reality and let Lark try for Summerland, but in another location.

Sheila White